Review: Motorola H9 Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets are becoming increasingly popular, on a common day you’d run into plenty of people using these hands-free devices. Some make you look like a bionic man, others simply look bland, but there are a rare few that makes your head turn. The Motorola H9 Bluetooth Headset ($89.95) falls in that head-turner, borderline sexy category.

Sculpted to be no larger than a quarter, the Motorola H9 is sleek, lightweight, and unmistakably TINY. How can they fit a capable Bluetooth Headset in such a small package? Does it sacrifice performance for the sake of good looks? Is it even useful?

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Obviously, with such a strong emphasis on the size of the Motorola H9, it better be jaw droppingly small and impressive. And to that fact, it is, the headset is amazingly small yet it still manages to remain sturdy and look sleek.

A blue indicator light illuminates the shiny silver on the front face of the Bluetooth headset. Though eye-catching to most, some may find it annoying so pressing all of the control buttons can turn it off. But there is no denying that the Motorola H9 is one of the better looking Bluetooth headsets available, its combination of good looks and superb build quality makes it without a doubt, a high end set.

However, with such a strong emphasis on the size and design, Motorola keeps the functions of the H9 to a minimum. The key control is simple—a main multi button and standard volume buttons. The H9 is designed as an in-ear headset, so those that dislike the in-ear design should obviously stay away. Also, though the headset is tiny in size, it is a bit thicker than expected.


Because of the H9’s in-ear design the headset will take some getting used to. Though the lightweight of the H9 helps this issue, the in-ear design may not be for everyone. Also, It doesn’t come with an ear loop so though it is secure for daily use—running or even light jogging will probably dislodge the headset.

The fit is decent, after you get used to the in-ear design it slowly grows on you. It isn’t immediately comfortable like those from the Plantronics Line but it’s not uncomfortable either. The fit will probably boil down to how forgiving you are of in-ear designs.

Since there isn’t room for a charging port on the headset itself, the H9 is accompanied by a charging cradle. To charge, you insert the mini-USB port to the cradle and place the headset on the cradle. The charging cradle doubles as a portable charging unit, which is necessary since the H9 itself only holds 1.5 hour of talk time. With the charging cradle, you can add an extra 6 hours albeit at a 1.5 hour a time pace.

Overall, the Bluetooth headset performs solidly—earning rave reviews in more quiet areas but having problems in slightly noisier environments. It’s amazing that such a small piece of technology can perform as well as bigger-sized products. Though callers complained of background noise such as other voices and wind, when I used the H9 in the car, it performed quite well. The in-ear ear buds worked to keep the incoming audio quality clear because it manages to block out exterior noise.

Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest, with such a tiny design the Motorola H9 will obviously have some limitations. Pointedly, the battery life is a concern for constant travelers not everyone may prefer the fit. Luckily, Motorola packaged a charging cradle that offers a boost to the headset’s battery life and the in-ear design blocks out background noise and isn’t all that uncomfortable.

The most important aspect of the Motorola H9 is that it attempts to be unique in the bland world of Bluetooth Headsets and to that extent, it succeeds. The audio quality is near flawless in a quiet setting and it keeps pace with comparable (but bigger) headsets in noisy environments. If you’re looking for a long-lasting Bluetooth headset and your commute is noisy, the Motorola H9 is not for you. But if you want a stylish design that doesn’t skimp on quality, look no further.


  • Incredibly Small Design
  • Great Audio Quality in Quiet Environments
  • In-Ear Ear Buds Makes For Outstanding Incoming Audo
  • Stylish Look


  • Short Battery Life
  • Average Performer in Noisy Environments
  • In Ear Design May Put Off Some