Review: Motorola MOTOPURE H15 Bluetooth Headset

The Motorola MOTOPURE H15 Bluetooth headset is available and can be purchased in The iPhone Blog Store for $109.95. If you are looking for an absolutely smokin' Bluetooth headset, checkout this review! Let's see how it measures up after the break!

In the Box

The Motorola H15 box contains with the headset, two additional ear cushions for comfort, cradle and charge cable (it is not a USB cable, but it plugs into the headset and cradle only, not the computer).


The Motorola H15 is one sweet looking headset! It is not only lightweight, but has a transparent earloop and a couple or selectable ear pieces with a flip microphone. The best way to describe the H15 is that is an evolution of the 700. There is also and accompanying charge cradle which makes for an excellent accessory addition. The noise cancellation feature is one of the main selling points of this device and Motorola states that it is best noise-cancellation headset currently available.

Daily Use

I found the noise-cancellation to work really well. I could not find any supportive documentation in Motorola's claims that it is the best (the Jawbone headsets are spectacular) however, I can honestly say that none of my call recipients ever complained of any poor call quality due to background noise from driving, shopping, etc. The flip microphone is one of my favorite features. It seems simple enough, but not all headsets implement it; the microphone flips to open and doubles as an on/off switch for the headset. The transparent earloop is quite handy and is somewhat invisible. It keeps the headset in place in conjunction with the ear piece.

Speaking of the ear piece, I swear I have malformed ear canals. Every headset I have used with an ear piece never seems to fit properly. However, this is the closest I have come across (yes, even better than the Jawbone). There are three included ear piece sizes to choose from, however, only one seems to work best for me with extended use; but one is all you need, right?

One of the really nice benefits to this headset is the cradle. I don't know about you, but I loathe having to plug my headsets into random wall sockets only to have my headset fall on the floor because it is not stationary. So the cradle Motorola provides is a great help to me; I have it sitting next to my iPhone on my desk and it's safe and stationary. There is also a light on the front indicating charge status, so you know when you are good to go.

The other convenient feature about this headset is that it is tested with over 200 existing phones. This is great because sometimes you might want to use the headset with an additional phone, or let your significant other or friend borrow your headset, and it may not work. This device is thoroughly tested to work with a wide variety of models.


It seems that lately I am on a stellar track of reviewing awesome accessories for the iPhone and the Motorola H15 does not disappoint. I love the look and feel, the call quality, comfort and cradle. All of these variables combine into a great, well-rounded Bluetooth headset. If you are looking for a headset in this price range, you cannot go wrong with the H15!


  • One of the hottest looking headsets (IMO)
  • Very lightweight
  • Love the collapsible flip boom for power on/off
  • Comfortable transparent earloop to help keep the headset in place


  • No glaring negative issues!
  • More ear cushion sizes would be nice
  • True USB cable to plug directly into your computer for charging

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