Review: Motorola MOTOPURE H15 Bluetooth Headset

The Motorola MOTOPURE H15 Bluetooth headset is available and can be purchased in The iPhone Blog Store for $109.95. If you are looking for an absolutely smokin' Bluetooth headset, checkout this review! Let's see how it measures up after the break!

In the Box

The Motorola H15 box contains with the headset, two additional ear cushions for comfort, cradle and charge cable (it is not a USB cable, but it plugs into the headset and cradle only, not the computer).


The Motorola H15 is one sweet looking headset! It is not only lightweight, but has a transparent earloop and a couple or selectable ear pieces with a flip microphone. The best way to describe the H15 is that is an evolution of the 700. There is also and accompanying charge cradle which makes for an excellent accessory addition. The noise cancellation feature is one of the main selling points of this device and Motorola states that it is best noise-cancellation headset currently available.

Daily Use

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I found the noise-cancellation to work really well. I could not find any supportive documentation in Motorola's claims that it is the best (the Jawbone headsets are spectacular) however, I can honestly say that none of my call recipients ever complained of any poor call quality due to background noise from driving, shopping, etc. The flip microphone is one of my favorite features. It seems simple enough, but not all headsets implement it; the microphone flips to open and doubles as an on/off switch for the headset. The transparent earloop is quite handy and is somewhat invisible. It keeps the headset in place in conjunction with the ear piece.

Speaking of the ear piece, I swear I have malformed ear canals. Every headset I have used with an ear piece never seems to fit properly. However, this is the closest I have come across (yes, even better than the Jawbone). There are three included ear piece sizes to choose from, however, only one seems to work best for me with extended use; but one is all you need, right?

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One of the really nice benefits to this headset is the cradle. I don't know about you, but I loathe having to plug my headsets into random wall sockets only to have my headset fall on the floor because it is not stationary. So the cradle Motorola provides is a great help to me; I have it sitting next to my iPhone on my desk and it's safe and stationary. There is also a light on the front indicating charge status, so you know when you are good to go.

The other convenient feature about this headset is that it is tested with over 200 existing phones. This is great because sometimes you might want to use the headset with an additional phone, or let your significant other or friend borrow your headset, and it may not work. This device is thoroughly tested to work with a wide variety of models.


It seems that lately I am on a stellar track of reviewing awesome accessories for the iPhone and the Motorola H15 does not disappoint. I love the look and feel, the call quality, comfort and cradle. All of these variables combine into a great, well-rounded Bluetooth headset. If you are looking for a headset in this price range, you cannot go wrong with the H15!


  • One of the hottest looking headsets (IMO)
  • Very lightweight
  • Love the collapsible flip boom for power on/off
  • Comfortable transparent earloop to help keep the headset in place


  • No glaring negative issues!
  • More ear cushion sizes would be nice
  • True USB cable to plug directly into your computer for charging

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  • Giving glorified reviews of items that you sell in your forum store is a conflict of interest. How does an item with With two legitimate CONS, how does it rate 5 full stars? You wouldn't pull half a star for lack of a real USB cable for PC charging and not enough earbud sizes??
    Come on...
  • Evilhomer does have a point TIPB. It is a conflict of interest, I mean one of the cons in the cons list isnt really even a con. In addition the product gets 5 stars and doesnt have true USB conectivity? Uh the guys at TIPB need to think seriously about what they are doing, because what will happen is people will begin to question the validity of this sites posts/blogs. Just a little somethin to think about TIPB. By the way I love this site please maintain its integrity!
  • Evilhomer, keemosable,
    Thanks for your feedback. You raise some excellent points, so let me address them head on:
    We don't do glorified reviews. If something stinks, it stinks, and we'll be the first to tell you -- no matter who sells it. That said, different reviewers have different personal scales against which they rate. Chad tends to rate high. Jeremy tends to rate a little lower.
    However, our reviews are not limited to ratings. Each reviewer gives a pretty full outline of the products, complete with the lists of pros and cons you mention. That you can compare those pros and cons and decide it's not worth 5 stars to you, shows that it's working on balance.
    That said, we can always do a better job in terms of consistency from reviewer to reviewer, and in making sure our readers value and trust our reviews. We'll look into addressing that asap.'
  • @Rene: Can you provide a link to a review where a product that you currently sell in the store, was given a negative review by you or your colleagues? One that would encourage a forum member to completely stay away from that product?
    You might say, "we don't sell products in our store that are bad enough for a negative review". If that is the case, can you point me to a negative review about a product manufactured by a company who also advertises on your site? This isn't an accusation. I just don't have the search skills here to find it. :-)
    I used the term "glorified" because you pointed out two very real CONS with the device, one being lack of USB, but give the unit a perfect 5 stars and BEGAN the review with the first sentence containing the link the store for purchase. At least you could have linked the purchase at the end of the review to at least encourage it's reading before redirecting to the store. IMHO, leading with a link for purchase made it read as more of a shill than a review.
  • That's super easy: TiPb gives me 90% Telus BlackBerry Storm ads -- they're giving me 2 right now -- and any search for BlackBerry Storm on this site will turn up... um... less than glorified coverage :)
    Again, though, your feedback is appreciated and definitely something we'll consider moving forward.
  • Having done numerous Bluetooth headset reviews I find this review woefully lacking. The lack of any sound clips where one can hear how it sounds in various test environments is a major omission. A casual comment that no one has complained just isn't very scientific or meaningful. What about in windy conditions? Recording of volume heard by the user and clarity, lack of digital sound/choppiness, etc. would also be very helpful. My point is that if you are going to review a product have a consistent methodology that you apply to every item tested and produce both subjective and objective evidence to support your conclusion and rating. I know this takes a lot more time and effort but it is the only way to do it right.
  • I have lost the ear cushions and it has rendered the product useless. Any idea on where i can get replacements?
  • I have the unit. The only complaint I will say is that if it doesnt fit tightly, or snug in your ear, you will sound like you are 100 meters away from the device under water. other than that, it does an amazing job at noise cancellation without even touching your face like the jawbone. I was working in a construction site, and talking to my girlfriend, and she didnt even hear anything but my voice. She said it gets slightly digital, but that is probably due to the technology kicking in. Also, you occassionally sound far away when entering and leaving a noisy area. the device adjusting perhaps. Only reason why I dont like the jawbone, is because it must touch your "jawbone" to work effectively. But the motorola is 97% if the Jawbone is 100% And like the H700, H710, HS850 etc. the flip boom to power on and off is the best features of these headsets.
  • Last thing. The device DOES have a USB. But the new standard for small devices is MICRO USB, which this headset, and the Plantronics 925 and that series, have. There is a cradle, and a power adapter that both use the new MICRO USB standard. Its not really a con. The Mini-USB is a heavy and bulky component compared with the microusb, which is about 1/4 the weight.
  • These look great, I can´t wait to test them out. I've got the JayBird iPhone Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. So far they´ve been the best I had. Love my wireless headphones but would be even better without the little adapter you plug in the bottom of the iPhone. Thank god for the new software update for stereo bluetooth!
  • I'll give you some real world testing and 3 months of background. I picked up a deal on the H15 and decided to try it on my iPhone 3G. The headset seemed great for the first few days. Then the folks on the receiving end couldn't hear me very well about 50% of the time. Motorola replaced my unit and the new one after a few days is now doing the same thing. I picked up an old headset and ran it 4 days with no issues at all. I will also say that fitment on the ear molds for me is very marginal, the H15 does not feel very secure and flops around too much. My old HS820 was a lot more secure.
    It's too bad - I love the look of the H15 and the charge base. Another set of ear molds and a more secure slightly larger ear hook are in order. I emailed Moto to see if they will swap it out for another model, if not I have one for sale...
  • Hi. I know it's old-ish (like me!) but I like my Motopure H15, but I cannot find replacement ear buds! Can you help please?
    Thanks - in anticipation!
  • I see the last comment here was 7 months ago, so I'm really taking a shot in the dark with this...however ~ I just received this bluetooth from my company as it used to belong to someone else who has recently left the company. I love the clarity of the earpiece...but this thing is so dam PAINFUL to wear! WTH!???? ... after just three days the inside of my ear canal was just excruciating. I changed the actual ear bud to a smaller one, and it seemed to help for a day or so, and then it began hurting even more. Now I have a nasty (almost zit-like) feature in my ear that just hurts like hell. The plastic ear piece that actually hangs the bluetooth around your ear has been equally excruciating. All around the outside of my ear is now as "raw" as can be. I can't even wear it. To remove it from my ear at night is like "owe, Owe, OWe, OWWWWWWWWWWWWE!!!!!!!" .... LOL!
    So I moved it to my left ear just this morning, and the whole issue is now beginning all over on that side. What's up with this thing!????? .... have they no other more comfortable Ear pieces, and the Plastic Hangers for your ears????