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Apple foiled Motorola's plans of including a fingerprint sensor in the Nexus 6

Motorola's Nexus 6 was originally scheduled to feature a fingerprint sensor where the dimple is located at the back, but the idea was ultimately foiled by Apple. Motorola was working on fingerprint recognition with a company called AuthenTec, with devices from as far back as 2011 featuring the technology. However, Apple acquired AuthenTec in 2012 for $356 million to use the technology in the Touch ID sensor, which meant that Motorola had to look elsewhere.

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Curious where Touch ID came from? Early prototype demoed, history unlocked!

Much like OS X began at NeXT and multitouch began with Fingerworks, Touch ID began with a company Apple bought, namely AuthenTec. They did fingerprint identification sensors smarter and better than anyone had done them before, and that got Apple's attention. But what exactly had Apple seen? Well, AuthenTec cofounder F. Scott Moody has just shown off an early prototype. Speaking at North Carolina State University's Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering Tuesday night, he explained exactly how the technology behind Touch ID reads fingerprints, and talked for a bit about how it came about. At one point, Moody showed the audience an early prototype of Touch ID, called FingerLoc. Via AppleInsider:

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Fingerprint scanning, NFC rumored for iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5s -- or whatever Apple ends up calling it -- is rumored be sporting both NFC and a fingerprint scanner. Chipbond, a Taiwanese company, has apparently been tapped to provide some components of the next iPhone, including touch display drivers, NFC chips, and chips that support a fingerprint sensor. China Times reports:

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AuthenTec sells security division to Inside Secure for $48M

AuthenTec, whom Apple was rumored to be interested in buying for $350M, has just sold off their inside security division to Inside Secure for $48M. While we have our ideas of what Apple could be doing with AuthenTec and its list of patents, we can probably assume now that it is something other than their security technology.

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Apple's AuthenTec acquisition, and why they may have wanted to move so quickly

Less than a month ago, a story broke about Apple buying AuthenTec, purveyors of mobile, digital security solutions including fingerprint authentication. While some Apple purchases, like Siri and Intrisity seem to suggest obvious uses, AuthenTec's portfolio and Apple's lack of any branded security beyond FairPlay DRM made intuiting this one a little less obvious. So what could it be?

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Apple reportedly buying fingerprint authentication company AuthenTec

Apple has reportedly agreed to by AuthenTec, a company that specializes in fingerprint authentication technology, for $350 million, or 58% over market value on Thursday. Saabira Chaduri of the Wall Street Journal says:

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