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Newly launched BBC Store lets you purchase and download classic TV shows

The BBC has launched a new store to enable you to purchase classic and favorited TV shows like Dad's Army and older seasons of Doctor Who.

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BBC releases official Sarah & Duck game for children to build their own park

The BBC has today released a new CBeebies pre-school app on iOS and Android featuring Sarah & Duck. Children will be able to fire up Sarah & Duck: Day at the Park on supported devices to immerse themselves with characters from the same world as the BAFTA award-winning TV show.

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Top Gear: Race The Stig gets Halloween-themed content in latest update

The BBC has released an update for its Top Gear: Race The Stig game, available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. This new release introduces spooky content to coincide with Halloween just around the corner. For those who aren't familiar with the title, Race The Stig is essentially an endless runner game for Top Gear fans.

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Strange notifications from your BBC News app? Don't worry, here's what's going on

The BBC today sent out some weird push notifications to the broadcaster's official apps on both Android and iOS. It's a developer's worst fear when testing some new functionality goes live somehow and this is exactly what happened to the BBC. Push notifications were inadvertently sent out to live apps on both mobile platforms with some sample text. It is what's contained in these push notifications that makes this report rather humorous.

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BBC iPlayer for iPhone and iPad gets a fresh new look

The BBC has today pushed out a pretty major update for it's iPhone and iPad iPlayer application that has a whole new look and feel to most areas of the app. The Home, Channel and Category pages now sport the hot new look, with the same three pages also now getting added, curated content by way of the editorial collections.

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BBC and Sky on-demand apps cease working due to 'iOS fault'

Official BBC and Sky apps for iOS have ceased to function as they should. According to a report over on BBC News, the issue is down to a fault with Apple's platform. Apps affected include iPlayer, Sky Go and Now TV on both iPhones and iPads. Neither party has been able to explain exactly what's causing the issue and why only a limited selection of apps are affected.

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Previously lost episodes of the classic Doctor Who series recovered and now available on iTunes

For those of you out there who are Doctor Who fans, you may already know that for years now the BBC has been looking to recover many of the early episodes from the long-running British science-fiction television programme. Back in the 1960's and 1970's episodes were wiped or otherwise destroyed due to a number of various reasons with the biggest ones being economic and space-saving concerns at the BBC.

Over the years, many episodes have been recovered from various parts of the world thanks to how the content was transferred and shared back then and the number of missing episodes had been reduced to 106. That number has stayed the same for a while now and many folks had come to the conclusion that there simply must not be any more out there to be found.

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BBC releases new iPlayer desktop application for offline content

The BBC has released a new version of its iPlayer desktop application, that unlike previous iterations no longer allows access to live TV. The new iPlayer downloads is an app for the Mac or Windows PC that provides a simple method of downloading shows from the BBC for offline viewing.

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BBC iPlayer gets better search and improved AirPlay in latest update

The BBC has pushed out an update to their popular iPlayer app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this morning that among other things brings improved search and AirPlay functionality.

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Sir Jonathan Ive receives the coveted gold Blue Peter badge

Sir Jonathan Ive has been honored by well-known UK BBC TV show Blue Peter. Apple’s design chief Sir Jonathan Ive has been awarded a gold Blue Peter badge in recognition of him being an inspiration to children around the world. Blue Peter started its life in the 1950’s and is still as popular with today’s children due to its wide ranging content and mix of arts and craft demonstrations.

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