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Sir Jonathan Ive receives the coveted gold Blue Peter badge

Sir Jonathan Ive has been honored by well-known UK BBC TV show Blue Peter. Apple’s design chief Sir Jonathan Ive has been awarded a gold Blue Peter badge in recognition of him being an inspiration to children around the world. Blue Peter started its life in the 1950’s and is still as popular with today’s children due to its wide ranging content and mix of arts and craft demonstrations.

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BBC iPlayer Radio app lets you wake up to your favorite BBC radio stations

BBC iPlayer Radio is the latest app in the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)'s iPlayer portfolio and it offers live BBC radio stations. It's a free download for UK television license payers and offers some nice features like the ability to set an alarm which will automatically start playing your chosen radio station.

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BBC iPlayer update coming today, will finally allow on-device downloads

The BBC will finally release an update to its UK only BBC iPlayer app that will bring downloads to your iPhone and iPad. The current version of iPlayer will only allow you to stream content to your device which has always been very limiting, especially if you are travelling. The news comes from The Guardian and the update should go live sometime today.

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BBC iPlayer gets updated with retina quality video and performance improvements

The BBC has eventually released an update to its hugely popular TV catch up app, BBC iPlayer. BBC iPlayer is only available for UK customers who pay their license fees and it offers a full 7 day catch up service of all BBC TV and radio programs. The update to BBC iPlayer, finally brings retina quality video for the new third generation iPad and a few more improvements too.

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George's most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

My most used apps of 2011 include an endless list of Twitter apps, ‘video streaming apps’, and of course, the default apps like Safari, Mail, Messages and YouTube. When I do download apps from the App Store, I immediately store them into folders: "Games, Utilities, Utilities 2". However, there are a select few apps that live outside of folders, because I use them so often. Here are the top 5 that I’ve used this year.

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BBC iPlayer for iPhone and iPod touch coming Dec 8

On December 8, the BBC iPlayer app for iPad is expanding to add support for the whole iOS family, including the iPhone and iPod touch. Bringing both current and classic content to iOS devices, the BBC iPlayer application is currently available in 16 countries for a flat subscription fee. Jane Bennett from BBC had the following to say

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BBC iPlayer (Global) now available in Canada

The BBC has now made its global BBC iPlayer app available in Canada following successful launches in eleven other countries earlier in the year. There is still no sign of the app hitting the U.S. App Store but it can’t be too far away now.

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BBC iPlayer Global iPad app launches in 11 countries, US still has to wait until later in the year

The BBC iPlayer (Global) iPad app is now available outside of the UK for the first time with the launch in eleven countries. The iPad app is now available in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. Still no love for the United States, Canada or Australia; but the BBC does say that it will be available there too, later this year.

The iPlayer app will offer a limited amount of ad supported content for free but the majority or programs will be offered via a subscription model. The monthly cost would be €6.99 ($10) or a yearly fee of €49.99 ($72).

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BBC developing its own app to enable reporters to broadcast live with their iPhones and iPads

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is deploying iPhones and iPads to its field reporters and also developing its own app to allow them to use them within its own reporting system. The app will enable reporters to not only upload audio and stills but also broadcast live using only a 3G signal if needed.

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iPaditis - Saturday fun video

iPaditis is either a new plague about to be unleashed on humanity... or a way for the BBC to poke a little fun at those of us who enjoy our iPads. Check out the video below and let me know what you think!

(And yes, BBC really did a video about iPads that's not iPad compatible. Check out our how to watch Flash video tip for work-arounds.)

[BBC, thanks Kerri!]

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