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Why Lenovo could be a far bigger threat to Samsung than Apple

It's no secret that both the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S5 will be battling it out later this year, but the two most popular phone makers on the planet, Apple and Samsung, have already shown markedly different trends as of late. Both sold a ton of phones, none more than Samsung. However, while Apple's average selling price rose by nearly $60 quarter-over-quarter, Samsung's fell by $30. Likewise, while Apple's 0% share of the under $400 phone market remained unchanged and their share of the over $400 market rose to 65%, Samsung's under $400 share dropped to 21% and they were left precious little space on the top end. Ben Thompson writes on Stratechery:

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Vector 18: Ben Thompson on missing the iPad magic

Ben Thompson of Stratechery, formerly of Apple and Microsoft, talks about the tablet market, including the seeming loss of ‘magic’ in iPad marketing, the inability of PC-makers to see beyond the PC, and the opportunity for true revolution.

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Remembering what makes an iPad 'magical'

There's been a lot of debate about both the recent Apple iPad & Mac event, and the nature of the iPad compared to competing products like Microsoft's Surface. I've joined in on both fronts. Ben Thompson, however, has neatly tied both up together and topped them with a bow. Stratechery:

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Vector 9: Ben Thompson on Microsoft's mobile dilemma

Ben Thompson of stratēchery joins Rene to talk about Microsoft in a post-Ballmer mobile market, the IBM analogy, whether they need to be more like Apple, and why Google and Samsung were so damn smart. Also: Nokia sale!

Note: This was originally supposed to be next week's episode of Vector, but due to Microsoft buying Nokia, we decided to fast-track. (It's especially interesting given Thompson, until recently, worked at Microsoft on the Windows 8 apps team, and previously interned at Apple on the Apple University project.)

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Why the iPad is more like the iPod than iPhone

The iPad business being closer to Apple's iPod business than the carrier-entangled iPhone business isn't a new theory, but given the increased maturity of the product line, it's one that's increasingly subject to objective rather than subjective analysis. And that's just what Ben Thompson of Stratechery has started doing, not only for today, but what it could mean for the future:

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