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Capacitive Touch

Time for touchscreen Macs? Hell no!

With the advent of Windows 8, several PC manufacturers have introduced notebook computers that also operate as tablets - the screens separate or fold over so you can touch, swipe and gesture on your laptop the same way you would a full blown tablet. That's led to a predictable question: When will we see a touch-enabled Mac? My hope is that day will never come. There are better ways to interact with your Mac than to touch the screen. Leave your touching to the iPad.

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Future iPhone to allow capacitive touch with gloves on?

Hitachi Displays out of Japan have been working on a new type of capacitive display technology that Apple could use in the next-generation iPhone 5 coming in 2011 that allows for interacting with the screen without direct skin contact, such as when using the device with gloves. From Patently Apple:

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TiPb Gear: iTouch Gloves (Macworld 2010)

Live from Macworld 2010, Rene and Leanna talk to Jerry Leto, inventor of the TouchTec nanotechnology that builds capacitance into the iTouch Gloves' leather starting at the tanning process. This means you can use them to control your iPhone, iPod touch, and soon your iPad without having to take them off. It also means you don't need to sew in extra string or metal or make the finger tips removable or anything else. It works right through the leather.

Watch along after the break and let us know what you think!

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CEOh-Snap! Ballmer Says iPhone/Capacitive Touch Too Expensive! (That'll be $800 for the Xperia Please!)

We have to wonder if Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has some insidious plot to make his PR people pull their hair out, so they'll look just as Fester'ian as he himself. Or maybe he's just jealous of the love TiPb's been giving Palm's Roger McNamee lately? How else can you account for the glorious (for bloggers!) content he keeps spewing in our general direction?

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Patent Watch: Apple iGloves for Toasty iPhone Tapping

What makes capacitive touch displays so responsive is what makes them so unfriendly to hostile environments: they need skin-to-screen contact. Well, technically, they need the electric field around skin, and yet another Apple patent makes it seem like the iPhone team is figuring out a way for us to stay warm and still enjoy the multi-touch lifestyle. Says Apple Insider:

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