3D Touch allows for new interactions on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

One of the big new features of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is the addition of what Apple calls 3D Touch. This is an evolution of Force Touch that features prominently on the Apple Watch, allowing all-new interactions with the apps on your screen.

Apple showed off a range of new interactions that 3D Touch enables, including the ability to tap and hold for app shortcuts in the launcher, along with the ability to press hard on images in messages to show them in full size or open new menu options. Users can also press hard on the screen to "peek" at things like emails and messages without diving in, and tactile feedback will help keep you in the loop on your interactions.

Apple also showed off exactly how 3D Touch works in several popular apps. In the Mail app for example, you can press on to an email to get a preview of the message, and when you let go, you can go back to your inbox without marking it as read. In Messages, if you get a time and date, you can press on it to get a preview in calendar. Similarly, you can press on a URL to get a preview of the webpage.

In Camera, you can launch straight into selfie mode, while pressing on the last photo will give you a larger preview. Maps will allow you to drop a pin, or press on a location for extra information like a phone number. Users can also press on the edge of their screen to multitask, while pressing and swiping will switch back to your previous app.

Finally, several third-party apps were shown off, like Dropbox, which will let you view recent docs or upload photos with a firm press, and Facebook, which will take you straight to the status update screen or photo upload screen. Instagram has also integrated 3D Touch in some cool ways, allowing you to go straight to a new post, or preview images and video in profiles. And games weren't left out either, with Warhammer 40K Freeblade allowing players to press hard to zoom in and out when aiming a mech, or pressing harder to switch to a heavy weapon.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster