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Tim Cook talks Apple's 'long haul' attitude towards China

In a recent interview, Tim Cook talked about Apple's investments in China, saying that the company's presence in the country is for more than market access.

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Apple must keep its app store activity records for 60 days in China

The government of China has imposed some new rules on mobile app stores, including the one that is owned and run by Apple. Among other things, the new regulations require app stores to keep a log of user activity for at least 60 days.

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Tim Cook will reportedly travel to China in May to speak with government officials

Apple CEO Tim Cook is reportedly going to make a trip to China sometime later in May. Cook is supposed to be meeting with senior government and Communist Party leaders in that country.

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You'll soon start seeing non-Apple products with the 'iPhone' name in China

Apple has lost a trademark case against Chinese leather good company Xintong Tiandi over the use of the "IPHONE" name in the country. Apple moved to trademark the name in 2002, but it took until 2013 for the vendor to get an approval. Meanwhile, Xintong Tiandi trademarked the "IPHONE" name in 2010

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Take a look inside Pegatron's massive Shanghai iPhone factory

A new report puts the spotlight on Pegatron, which manufactures iPhones for Apple, and its large factory in Shanghai, China.

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Chinese authorities reportedly shut down iBooks and iTunes Movies in the country

Apple’s iTunes Movies and iBooks stores have been shut down in China. According to The New York Times, China's State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television was behind the closure of the ebook and movie stores.

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iPhone SE pre-orders reportedly exceed 3.4 million in China

According to Chinese retailers, pre-orders for the iPhone SE have climbed to 3.4 million units.

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China reportedly embraces Apple Pay with 3 million cards added in first two days

A new report claims that Chinese residents signed up 3 million credit cards for Apple Pay during its first two day in mid-February. China Merchants Bank says its customers signed up 1 million of those cards in its first two days.

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Customers in China frustrated by Apple Pay's staged rollout

Despite initial reports, Apple Pay is not experiencing issues adding users in China. While customers are reporting that they cannot add their cards to the service, this seems to be due to a staged rollout of the service.

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Donald Trump says he'd make Apple manufacture products in the U.S.

During a speech to Liberty University, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump claimed that he would make Apple build its products in the U.S..

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