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Chinese Factories

iPhone & iPad Live 286: The new iPad review

Georgia, Seth, and Rene quickly cover the fallout of Chinese factory stories being faked, Apple's cash balance announcement, and the week's headlines, then dive deep into the 2012 iPad review, covering technology and experience. This is iPhone & iPad Live!

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Apple touts U.S. job creation-through-innovation on new web page

Apple has placed a new page on their website with a lot of big numbers focused on how they're creating jobs in the U.S. in important and innovative ways.

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Nightline goes inside Apple's Chinese iFactory

Nightline has aired their well publicized "exclusive look inside Apple's factory in China", which follows a month of media, environmental, and social scrutiny of the Chinese factory system.

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Foxconn employees get 16-25% raise, factories facing new environmental audits

With working conditions in Chinese factories still making headlines, Apple manufacturer Foxconn is going to be increasing wages, and Apple is reportedly going to allow independent environmental reviews of at least 2 of their suppliers, with the potential for more to follow.

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iPhone Live 280: Privacy, China, iPad 3, Clear, 8-bit gamepads

Rene, Georgia, and Seth discuss apps that steal contacts, the China debate, iPad 3 and LTE, Clear, Death Call, Warm Gun, and Instagram apps, and the iCade 8-Bitty. This is iPhone & iPad Live!



iPad 3





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Fair Labor Association says China iPad and iPhone factory conditions are more acceptable than most

Tim Cook gives superb performance, incredibly bullish outlook at Goldman Tech Conference

"I’m in the camp that believes Apple will become the world’s first trillion dollar company."

Yesterday we had the pleasure of listening to Tim Cook deliver a superb presentation to a group of institutional investors at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference in San Francisco.

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Apple welcomes Fair Labor Association voluntary inspections to its Foxconn assembly lines

Apple has voluntarily requested that the Fair Labor Association conduct special audits of its final assembly suppliers. Apple has moved very quickly following the damning report by the New York Times last month where workers’ rights and safety whilst working on the manufacture and assembly of Apple products was in question.

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China syndrome redux: Why it really is about Apple

Rene recently wrote an editorial about the current controversy surrounding Apple and the working conditions in the Chinese factories where Apple -- and almost every other consumer electronics company -- has their products made. It was a nice editorial, but I disagree with it completely. Well, almost completely. I do agree that it's an important issue and that the discussion is good. He took a position and argued it well, that China was the story, and Apple merely link-bait. And it's that position I disagree with.

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China syndrome: On Apple linkbait and mainstream meltdowns

There are several stories floating around the web this week concerning boycotts planned against Apple, the result of stories floating around the web last week concerning working conditions in China. While in some cases the sentiment is good and the intention noble, in many cases its based on lazy, exploitive journalism and shallow, opportunistic activism, fed by a soundbite- and sensation-seeking readership.

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