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Congressional committee meeting to discuss privacy in wake of recent nude leaks

A congressional advisory committee will be taking the initial step Thursday to discuss the legal ramifications of protecting Internet privacy. Prompted by the recent hacks resulting in the leak of nude photos of celebrities like the high profile case involving actress Jennifer Lawrence, the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee will be discussing the topic of privacy and the legal remedies against hackers, websites, and those partaking in revenge porn.

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Congress asks Apple to clean up their address book privacy policy, Apple promises tighter control in future iOS update

After the whole mess with social networking app, Path, uploading Contact data from iPhone users without asking, the U.S. Congress has started to get involved. Energy and Commerce Committee member Henry Waxman and Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade Subcommittee member G. K. Butterfield issued an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook asking some probing questions regarding the iOS developer agreement.

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Only 6 days left to help keep jailbreak exemption in DMCA -- act now!

We have 6 days left to keep jailbreaking legal and extend the DMCA exception that is set to expire soon. has an interesting interview up with the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and Andrew "bunnie" Huang, author of Hacking the Xbox.

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iPhone to Replace Blackberry in Congress?

US tax dollars at work dept.: TUAW is reporting (via that the Chief Administrative Office of the U.S Congress is testing iPhones due to "people requesting them as an option":

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