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Hulu bringing over 50 movies to its streaming service in new deal with Disney

A new deal between Hulu and Disney will see more than 50 movies land on the streaming service in the coming months.

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Netflix will exclusively stream Disney movies in the U.S., shows off impressive summer lineup

Netflix has announced that it will be the exclusive streaming service to offer Disney movies — including Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar films — on the U.S. pay TV circuit. Netflix signed the agreement with Disney in 2012, and the deal will go into effect from September.

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Mickey Mouse is coming to Crossy Road

Disney and Pixar characters are about to invade Crossy Road. Hipster Whale has announced that it is teaming up with Disney to bring over 100 characters to the arcade game, starting with Mickey Mouse.

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Apple TV adds Watch ABC and Disney apps to universal search

Universal search on the latest Apple TV will now surface results from Watch ABC, Disney Channel, Disney Jr. and Disney XD.

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Disney artists go hands-on with the iPad Pro

Following last week's stop at Pixar, this week the iPad Pro made its way over to Disney, where the artists got some hands-on time with Apple's latest tablet.

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Disney's official Star Wars app keeps you tapped in to the galaxy far, far away

Disney has launched an official Star Wars app for the iPhone, offering news, trailers, GIFs, and more for fans of all ages.

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Apple Watch as MagicBand for the real world

Disney's MagicBand makes the theme park more than just fun, it makes it convenient.

That feature — the same killer feature the Apple Watch promises — is what makes it so compelling. Like the MagicBand, in many ways the Apple Watch won't just offer an easier experience, it will offer a better one. Yet where the Apple Watch has faced fear-mongering and sensationalism in the mainstream media for mostly made-up concerns, the MagicBand, despite its tracking and personal information projection, has been almost universally praised.

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Disney releases Cinderella Free Fall matching game for iPhone and iPad

Disney has released Cinderella Free Fall for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The title takes the iconic princess on a puzzle matchmaking adventure in the enchanted world of. Prepare yourself to connect and match luminous butterfly jewels in 100 levels.

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WatchESPN and other Disney live streaming apps are now available to DirecTV users

DirecTV customers now have full access to the video streaming mobile apps provided by ABC and its parent company Disney. That includes the WatchESPN app for the iPhone and iPad along with a bunch of other apps offering both live and on-demand video content.

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Disney CEO talks relationship with Steve Jobs and Apple in new interview

Disney CEO Bob Iger has been interviewed and profiled by Fortune about the technological influence he's had on Disney, including the company's relationship with Apple, and Iger's own friendship with Steve Jobs. The profile details how Iger needed to win back the trust of Jobs, along with Pixar co-founders John Lasseter and Ed Catmull, after a tension had developed between the animation studio and Disney under Iger's predecessor. Both Iger and Jobs came to see each other as partners, according to Fortune:

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