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Spider-Man Unlimited webslinging onto iOS this September

Spider-Man Unlimited was the last mobile game we checked out at E3 2014. This endless runner features the friendly neighborhood webslinger we all know and love in a familiar format. Players swipe left, right, up, and down to dodge obstacles and lay the smack down on whatever baddies you happen upon. Webslinging mini-games shift perspective in a way similar to Gameloft's other popular runner, Despicable Me: Minion Rush. With one-touch controls during these sequences, you've got to time your releases so you get through certain target zones.

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Hands-on with Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers at E3

The upcoming edition of the mobile Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers game made an appearance at E3. The biggest addition to this iteration of the classic fantasy card game is that now you can custom build your decks card-for-card. Previously, you would be given a core deck and would unlock additional cards to swap in through gameplay.

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Asphalt Overdrive puts endless driving into retro package

Another one of the many games Gameloft had on display at E3 2014 was Asphalt Overdrive. Though there are cars on roads, and they're often doing the unlikeliest of barrel rolls after launching off ramps, this isn't quite an Asphalt game you'd expect. Instead of a full-bore racing game, Asphalt Overdrive is more of an endless runner, which has players quickly swiping to steer between lanes, trash competitors, and dodge obstacles.

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Just Dance Now uses smartphones and browsers to encourage booty-shaking

Just Dance Now was a bit of a surprise at E3 2014, as it's bringing the well-known motion-capturing dancing game to smartphones and just about everything with a web browser. Any number of players can jump in with their handheld, and after pairing up with a browser on the big screen, you'll be able shake what your momma gave you and be scored for it. It's worth noting that Just Dance Now will be totally separate from Just Dance 2015, the console title that Ubisoft also announced at E3. The impression I got was that the same core gameplay will be available through Just Dance Now, while all of the extra bells and whistles will be reserved for consoles.

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Hands-on with Modern Combat 5, Gameloft's upcoming IAP-less shooter

Gameloft has been teasing Modern Combat 5 for weeks now through the occasional live stream and scintillating trailer. We got some time at E3 2014 to put our dirty little thumbs on it. The biggest (but far from only) change in Modern Combat 5 is that there are no more in-app purchases. Players won't be able to buy their way to the top and will have to earn their unlocks like everybody else. As always, Modern Combat sports bar-setting graphics with some particularly great water reflection and disorientation effects.

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PGA Tour: King of the Course brings casual golfing to iOS

PGA Tour: King of the Course is a distinctly arcadey golf game we tried out at E3 2014 by EA Sports. Players take to the greens as one of several characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and work through a series of challenges. These range from fairly traditional ones, where you've got to sink the ball in as few strokes as possible, to wholly unrealistic scenarios, such as having the ball bounce across the course thanks to a series of superpowered trampolines.

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An early look at Mech for iOS at E3 2014

We got a super-early look at an upcoming shooter game from Chillingo at E3 2014 appropriately dubbed Mech. The free-to-play shooter pits players in highly customized mechs with intuitive dual-stick controls for controlling your movement and facing. Currently the game rests on a straightforward one-on-one deathmatch, but we don't expect the final product to be available until later this year; additional game modes seem more than likely.

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Godfire offers beautiful hack-and-slash action on iPad

A hidden gem tucked away on the busy E3 2014 show floor was Godfire: Rise of Prometheus. The action game, though mostly conventional with dodge, block, light attack, and strong attack buttons, is extremely good-looking. Highly cinematic finishing moves, combos, and truly ugly bosses make a feast for the eyes.

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Hands-on with Hitman: Sniper at E3 2014

Hitman: Sniper was announced shortly before E3 2014, and we were obviously eager to give it a shot, so to speak. The brutally efficient assassination game perches players outside of a target's home, which is usually swarming with security staff. You earn points for taking them out in creative ways, particularly when the bodies fall off in places where other patrols won't find them, raise an alarm, and cause your mark to flee the scene. One particularly clever sequence had our sniper ping a car to make the alarm go off, which attracted one guard on the ground level to check it out, and another on the balcony to lean over and take a look. Shooting the glass balcony caused the guy upstairs to fall down onto the one below. Alternatives like this make Hitman: Sniper more than just senseless violence and offers some truly interesting gameplay.

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Popcap shows off new Dark Ages content for Plants vs. Zombies 2 at E3 2014

The folks at Popcap were at E3 2014 giving us a sneak peek at the next update for Plants Vs Zombies 2. The mushrooms you know and love from the original game are back, offering a unique way to gather sunshine points at nighttime. Now the free mushroom attackers will wither away over time, but you also have a new plant which will make a zombie drop additional sunshine as it shambles towards your stalwart front line.

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