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#CESlive: Bluetooth Earbuds from Jaybird

Jaybird's big claim to fame is Bluetooth earbuds designed for sports enthusiasts. They distinguish themselves with exceptional battery life - up to eight hours per charge, about twice what other Bluetooth earbuds can manage. But that's not all they do.

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Yurbuds at #CESlive: Cut the earbud cord, improve your workout

Yurbuds' new Bluetooth Sport Earphones connect wirelessly to your iPhone and feature medical-grade soft silicone tips that the company guarantees will stay in your ears. 15 mm drivers pound the sound, too. You can buy them now for $169.99. Also check out the Race Case, an iPhone case with a breathable silicone hand strap - so you don't have to worry about dropping your phone while you run.

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Budsnaps arrive on Kickstarter, a simple way to stop your earbuds from falling out of your ears

A new project has arrived on Kickstarter called Budsnaps, that claims to be able to stop your Apple earbuds from falling out of your ears when moving around. Anyone who uses Appleโ€™s iconic white earbuds will instantly recognise this problem and now there could be a really simple solution to stop them falling out.

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New Apple EarPods vs. original earbuds: Should you upgrade?

If you haven't yet upgraded to the iPhone 5, can you get some of that iPhone 5 experience by upgrading to Apple's new EarPods earbuds? At $29 they're not as expensive as high-end earpieces, but they're not exactly cheap either. Compared to the original Apple earbuds, the ones that shipped with every iPhone, iPod, and iPad up until the iPhone 5, are they a worthwhile upgrade, or are you better off waiting and just getting them for "free" with your next iOS device?

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Apple introduces new EarPods headphones coming with the iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPhone 5

Although they managed to leak out ahead of the iPhone 5 event, Apple has now introduced a new set of earbud headphones for iOS devices. EarPods, as they will be reffered to will come with all of Apple's new products such as the iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPhone 5.

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Rumored new earbuds for rumored new iPhone caught on video

If the most recent of rumors are to be believed -- and yes, we're getting flooded with them these days -- Apple might be getting ready to release redesigned earbuds alongside the expected iPhone 5 and iPod refresh this fall. This according to tinhte.vn, which has gotten their hands on prototype Apple equipment in the past.

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Best iPhone apps and accessories for running and jogging

"Whether you're new to jogging or are a seasoned marathoner, there are tons of great iPhone apps and accessories will help you to be the best runner you can possibly be."

The iPhone is the perfect companion for those looking to get into jogging or running, or those looking to keep their long-term training fun and fresh. Since it's health and Fitness month here at iMore and the Mobile Nations network, we're going to take a look a the very best accessories and apps that'll help you get the most out of your experience.

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Confession: I hate my Apple earbuds

I've come to a realization: I hate my Apple earbuds. They're more like a medieval torture contraption for my ears than a comfortable manner in which to listen to music. Apple has Jonathan Ive and some of the most sought after designers in the world on staff, taking chunks of glass and metal and molding them into a devices that aren't just phones or players or tablets but works of art. Yet the standard earbuds that come with these beautiful pieces of art are ungainly, ill-fitting, and just plain annoying to wear for any length of time.

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Crazy Earphones from Japan. Would You Wear Them?

Japan's Solid Alliance decided that the bar for "crazy earphones" just hadn't been raised high enough and so they've released these adorable/idiotic plastic embellishments which make you look like you have various implements coming out of your ears. For those who may not have already seen the first set of earphones they consisted of: sushi, paws, banana and a large bolt. These 4 new earbuds consist of: an apple with an arrow through it, a knife which looks like it is stabbed through your head, a mushroom, and a little ear.

They'll cost you ยฅ2000, or about $20 and have a 3.5mm adaptor so they will fit in your iPhone or iPod touch.

So, am I the only one who likes these earphones ? Would you ever buy Crazy Earphones for yourself... or a friend ?

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