That's because, while the Apple Watch has a speaker, it's only meant for tones, calls, Siri (on Series 3), and other short and simple sound. If you want to listen to your music or any other audio you've synced with Apple Watch, you'll need to pair. Any Bluetooth headphones or headset will do, and the process is super simple.

Note: If you try to listen to local music before you pair with a Bluetooth headset, you'll be prompted to connect headphones during the playback process, as outlined in Step 4.

How to pair your Apple Watch with a Bluetooth headset

  1. Put your headphones or headset into Pairing mode. (This usually involves pressing a button on the device.)
  2. Press the Digital Crown to go to your Apple Watch's Home screen. (If you aren't there already.)
  3. Tap the Settings app.

  4. Tap Bluetooth.
  5. Tap the name of the device you want to pair with.

Your device's status will switch from "pairing" to "paired" once the connection is established, and you'll see a "Connected" option in your watch's Bluetooth settings.


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Updated September 2017: Updated for watchOS 4.

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