Black BeatsX earbuds on person working out

Best answer: Yes. Despite the implementation of Apple's W1 chip, these are still just Bluetooth headphones and will work seamlessly with your Android device.

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BeatsX are still just regular Bluetooth headphones

While Beats and Apple worked together to make sure the BeatsX earbuds pair seamlessly with Apple devices containing Apple's W1 chip, BeatsX still work exactly the same as any other Bluetooth earbuds.

All you have to do is go into your Bluetooth settings on your Android device and pair it with the BeatsX like you would any other Bluetooth device.

The inline buttons will work on your Android phone

Despite optimization for iPhone, the inline buttons on the BeatsX will also work with your Android device. You'll be able to play, pause, skip tracks, control volume, answer calls, and even activate Google Assistant without issue.

But the company does state that product compatibility depends on the device you're using it with. For full compatibility, make sure to double check their website.

I think I've seen this quick charging thing before…

If you have an Android phone, then you've likely experienced Quick Charge before, and it's a beautiful thing. Well, BeatsX also has a quick charging feature — charge it up for five minutes to get roughly two more hours of playback.

The Quick Charging is perfect when you've forgotten to charge them before heading out for the day. Plug them in for five minutes, and you're good to go for your commute or workout.

Our pick

BeatsX Wireless Headphones

Great Bluetooth headphones that put you in control.

The BeatsX continues the Beats tradition of great sound, and with Bluetooth connectivity, you can go wireless for every workout, commute, walk — whatever. Yes, they're optimized for iPhone, but they'll work seamlessly with your Android phone too.

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