Charge your Bluetooth headphones with Twelve South's Fermata stand

I've written at length about my love for Bose's QC35 headphones, which convinced me to make the leap into the Bluetooth soundscape full-time. But for all my praise of the headphones and their long-lasting 20-hour battery, they do die eventually. I've often resorted to digging through my backpack or desk drawers to find a micro-USB cable for a day's quick-charge juice, but that doesn't solve the long-term problem: It can be a pain to remember to charge long-lasting headphones.

Twelve South aims to make that pain disappear with its new Fermata (opens in new tab) headphone charging stand. The silver or black aluminum base not only provides a lovely way for you to showcase your headphones on your desk, but it gives you an easy way to charge them, too.

I was lucky enough to get a sample from Twelve South of the black Fermata stand this morning, and while I can't offer a thorough review after only a few hours, I can at the least provide you a first look — and I certainly like what I see.

Quality craftsmanship

Twelve South's build quality is often excellent, and this model is no exception: The aluminum base is hefty enough to adhere to your desk (with help from a soft rubber underside) but not too heavy, and the headphone rest offers a curved, smooth saddle to rest your headphones on, with a perfectly flattened middle to keep them from sliding around.

The stand comes in four pieces — base, arm, rest, and charging cable — and attaching them together takes less than a minute. Snap in the snake-like reversible micro-USB charging cable (yes, reversible — we'll talk more about that later), click the headphone arm and rest into the base, and secure on the bottom with an included screw and wrench. Once the stand is put together, you need only add the included wall cable to make it operational.


Let's talk about that snake cable, which connects to your headphones. At rest, it hides along the back of the headphone arm; this hiding place isn't always a perfect mesh, as the cable's rubbery nature means it occasionally bulges slightly out of the aluminum casing, but you shouldn't really notice it (and Twelve South includes a rear clip to hold it in place if you're really concerned). When your headphones need some juice, the cord's thick rubber curves out and offers a reversible micro-USB cable for charging.

That micro-USB charger takes an early lead in being my favorite part of the Fermata stand. One of my biggest charging annoyances with the Bose headphones — beyond having to charge them at all — is trying and failing to plug them in correctly. I hate micro-USB cables — even as someone with relatively good eyesight, it consistently takes two (or even three) tries to figure out how to plug the darn thing in correctly.

The Fermata's charger, in contrast, offers a diamond-shaped port that plugs into micro-USB ports no matter which way your headphones are turned. Forget about having to contort your body to stare at tiny ports and align angles — this is almost as easy as plugging in a Lightning cable.

Better still, the cable is easily removable from the Fermata's stand, which means it should be simple enough for Twelve South to manufacture replacement cables for future headphones with different charging ports (hi, USB-C and Lightning).

In addition, the company gets that taking up an extra charging port at your desk just for headphones can be a pain; as such, the stand offers an additional USB port under its base, so you can still plug in an iPhone or other accessory. It's the kind of smart, thoughtful gesture that Twelve South has made its name on, and one that's much appreciated in this gadget-laden household.

One last bit about power: The underside of the Fermata's base offers a coiled well for hiding excess charging cords. It won't hide your power necessities completely, but it keeps everything a lot more organized.

Your tastes may vary

Much as I've enjoyed my initial few hours with it, the Fermata won't be for everyone. The aluminum accessory's look is clean and solid, but it may not jive with others' wooden or colored desk styles. That said, sometimes function triumphs over form. For me, easy access to recharging and cord management far outweighs look or style, especially on a standing desk with a relatively small footprint. You can even stack an iPhone Lightning Dock (opens in new tab) atop the stand to save even more space on your desk. (Sadly, Twelve South's HiRise is a little bit too big to fit.)

Serenity Caldwell

Serenity was formerly the Managing Editor at iMore, and now works for Apple. She's been talking, writing about, and tinkering with Apple products since she was old enough to double-click. In her spare time, she sketches, sings, and in her secret superhero life, plays roller derby. Follow her on Twitter @settern.

  • Thank you for this. I have the Bose SoundLink II bluetooth headphones, around ear, but not the noise cancelling ones. I do have the QC25's but got them before the ones you have came out and just couldn't sell them at a loss and buy the new ones, so got the SLII's to use with my Mac and Apple TV. The charge cable that came with the Bose drives me crazy. I have a Mac mini so I always have to rest my headphones right on it to reach the port. This stand looks very cool with that little cable extension. Thank you for posting this.
  • It looks REALLY nice. I got an email about it this morning. But $80 US ($107 Can) plus shipping and customs fees make it WAY too expensive. I find myself saying that about a lot of products lately....
  • I noticed that price shock also after getting excited about this. Living in Canada lately is quite depressing but then I just think of the UK and it lessens the pain a bit. I wish amazon was all it is in the US here in Canada.
  • It's the same way I feel about the new MacBook Pros. Nope. Just can't happen!
  • "...this is almost as easy as plugging in a Lightning cable." That right there is almost worth the price of admission. I've disliked micro-usb from the jump because of the awkwardness of plugging it in. usb-c isn't much better. Lightning connectors rule in this regard,. I like the look of this, but have only BT earphones not worthy of that stand. I have a couple of Twelve South products and love the fit and finish but if I got this stand I'd have to get some actual BT headphones!
  • Nice idea, but $80? Sorry.
  • I honestly believe this is a $29.99 (Can) product.
  • $80?!?! Uh, no.
  • hehe... Twelve South are good... I have the stand for my iPhone 6