Love the look of AirPods but not the price-tag? Hey, we don't blame you — they cost $160! Luckily, you can still get the same "look" — the white, wireless earbud style — for a lot less money, which is why we put together this list to help you out. Remember, newer iPhones don't have a headphone jack, so wireless headphones are a must if you want to listen to music without a dongle.

Highly-rated and reliable: Bitzen Wireless Earbuds

Don't break the bank but do get the AirPod look with these Bitzen Wireless Earbuds. These Bluetooth earbuds are super comfortable to wear and give you nearly 30+ hours of listening time when used with the charge box. You also have a 33-foot range with the Bitzen Wireless Earbuds.

$68 at Amazon

Close to the real deal: Langsdom Bluetooth Earbuds

Trick the world into thinking you're droppin' dough on AirPods when in reality you're jamming along with the Langsdom Bluetooth Earbuds. These noise-cancelling earbuds are easy to pair and are super lightweight and comfortable, making them the perfect partner for travel, work, and everything in between.

$74 at Amazon

Price efficient and stylish: GLOUE Wireless Earbuds

Say bye-bye to that big ol' AirPod price tag and hello to the super cost-efficient GLOUE Wireless Earbuds! These affordable earbuds look pretty close to the real deal and are designed to be super lightweight. Once you're done using your GLOUE Wireless Earbuds, just pop 'em in their charging box and you're good to go!

$33 at Amazon

We're always on the hunt for a good dupe (or 3!), so if we find any more earbuds that pass for AirPods we'll add it to our list. Currently, we're obsessed with the GLOUE Wireless Earbuds because of that incredible price point, but you might be more willing to spend a little more. Regardless we hope you find the perfect pair of earbuds for you and your ears!

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