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Hands-on lightning review of Apple's new EarPods

Let's face it -- in-box earbuds have never been anything to write home about. Frankly, they usually suck. Even for as iconic as Apple's white earbuds have become since the release of the first iPod -- they still sucked. They were uncomfortable. They didn't sound good. Even the slightly better Apple In-Ear Headphones, with their rubberized tips, weren't a whole lot better.

That all changes today.

We could rave all day over the improvements Apple's made to your too-often overlooked ear holes. But, really, selling you on these $29 wonders won't take nearly that long.

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Apple’s new dock connector to be called ‘Lightning’, new headphones called ‘Earpod’ and a new ‘Loop’ accessory for the iPod touch

Later today, Apple will hold a keynote where we expect to hear all about the new iPhone 5. One of the rumored changes that Apple should announce is the new mini dock connector which takes the place of the current 30 pin connector that has been on all iOS devices since 2007. The new 9 pin dock connector will supposedly be known as the “Lightning” connector according to a report from 9 to 5 Mac.

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