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Apple Watch etiquette: Is it rude to check your Watch?

Apple Watch is supposed to help us stay connect to tech without distracting us from real life, but checking notifications can seem rude. What to do?

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Eight reasons I'm tempted to switch back to Android

I'm a smartphone user who's frequently switched between Android and iPhone over the last few years. Using an iPhone 7 has been fun, but part of me itches to switch back to Android.

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Why Apple's Notes sharing still has some work to do

Sharing a note in Apple's Notes is great and all, but it's still unpolished and needs more work before it can compete with the big dogs.

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Apple kicks 16GB to the curb — no more low-storage iPhones

Apple has officially done away with the 16GB storage option and I'm not sad about it one bit!

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Why Touch ID makes the MacBook Pro the best Mac ever

Though some may consider the Touch Bar on the 2016 MacBook Pro a gimmick, there is no denying that Touch ID is the best feature to ever come to the Mac.

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Maybe the MacBook Pro does need a touch screen

Apple's latest laptop has a touch capacitive bar, which makes me just want to tap the MacBook Pro's screen, too. Maybe I do want a touch screen.

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It's the dongle life for me

Upgrading to Apple's latest and greatest has put me in a dongle jungle, but the payoff is worth it.

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I love you, iPhone 7 Plus, but I'm going back to iPhone SE!

Three months after switching to iPhone 7 Plus, I'm switching back to iPhone SE — here's why!

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Is Apple helping or hindering the 'forgotten century' of data?

Vint Cerf is sometimes called one of the "fathers of the Internet" for his role in developing the TCP/IP protocol suite that's in use on every Internet-connected device. So when he warns of a forgotten century of data, it's worth paying attention to. What's more, we've seen some of these dangers already, as Mac users — dangers we must stay vigilant for.

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Here's why Apple might make a stylus for the iPad

There's been a lot of talk lately about styluses — specifically, an Apple-branded stylus pen that might ship alongside the rumored iPad Pro.

As an artist, frequent note-taker, and all-around scribbler, I've wanted a Wacom-esque pressure-sensitive stylus since the iPad's release. I wrote about iPad styluses time and time again as we saw creative developers try and build around the iPad's hardware limitations. I've looked longingly over at Wacom's half-baked tablet solutions. And I haven't been happy.

Could Apple make an iPad stylus that actually fulfilled my wants — and those of other artists — for a tablet next year? It could. But would it want to? This year, quite possibly.

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