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EE plans to have 95% of the UK covered with 4G by 2020

EE has announced the UK mobile operator is set to increase 4G coverage to 95% and bring back customer support to within country borders. The company will introduce 600 new positions across the UK and Ireland, which should please customers who both expect and appreciate customer support based in the UK.

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You can now watch all your favorite shows while mobile with EE TV

If you're a massive fan of TV, EE will have you covered when you're not at home. The UK mobile network has announced that the company has become the first operator to enable remote viewing of all free to view programming.

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Which U.K. iPhone carrier and plan should you get?

If you're in the UK and you're thinking about picking up a new iPhone hopefully we can help you navigate the maze of prices and contracts to make the best choice for you!

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BT completes its acquisition of EE

BT has successfully escaped the gauntlet of regulatory approvals and is now able to complete the company's purchase of EE. Picking up and absorbing the largest UK mobile operator, the £12.5 billion deal is a victory for BT, which has plans to enter the competitive mobile industry once more.

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Competition and Markets Authority in the UK clears the BT and EE merger

BT is set to merge with EE, and the company has just received the green light from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the UK. This body has approved the merger, which clears BT's £12.5 billion acquisition of EE to become the UK's largest mobile telecoms company.

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EE recalls every Power Bar USB battery due to overheating complaints

The EE wireless carrier in the UK has issued a recall of all of its Power Bar portable chargers, due to receiving what it calls "a very small number" of reports of the battery overheating.

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EE wants to help customers block intrusive adverts on smartphones

No one likes adverts, but they do help fund various services and online properties (including Mobile Nations!). While many see them as a way to support the content they enjoy, there are times when adverts can be intrusive or downright obstructive, especially on mobile. UK mobile operator EE is stepping in to lend customers a hand.

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EE introduces new international calling packs and add-ons

EE has announced new international calling packs and add-ons for customers to add to their monthly plans.

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EE is recalling Power Bar portable chargers over fire risks from overheating

EE is recalling Power Bar portable chargers over a small number of incidents where the chargers have overheated. Fortunately, there's only one batch of chargers that are affected, E1-06.

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EE launches new Euro Pass to let you use 4G abroad from just £3 per day

EE has launched a new Euro Pass for customers to enjoy 4G data speeds abroad. The company provides 100MB of 4G per day for £3, as well as 400Mb of slower access should you manage to eat up the allowance.

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