Fake iPhone 12 conceptSource: Rene Ritchie / iMore

What you need to know

  • EE CEO Marc Allera has told employees that a 5G iPhone is "days away".
  • Apple's Eddy Cue even had a cameo in the video, too.
  • It isn't clear just how many days Allera is talking about, though.

Apple is set to announce a new 5G iPhone in just "days" according to the CEO of British carrier EE. Marc Allera was speaking to employees via a video presentation that appears to have fallen into the hands of MacRumors.

During the video, Allera tells his team that the 5G iPhone is "just days away" although that isn't necessarily anything we didn't already know. The real question is how many days away that iPhone is.

Eddy Cue EE ScreencapSource: MacRumors

"We are just days away from Apple's next major launch, a 5G iPhone, which will be a huge boost for 5G," said Allera, in an internal video presentation shared with the company's employees today. "Teams in all parts of Consumer have been preparing all year to win this launch, and be Europe's number one partner for Apple."

Apple's services head Eddy Cue also made an appearance in the video, praising EE for the way it bundles Apple's services in with carrier plans. Apple Music and Apple Arcade have been joined by Apple TV+ as customers get more with their monthly carrier sub.

Apple is set to announce four new 5G iPhones "within days" as we know, with a special event likely to be streamed online. As for exactly when that will happen, nobody seems to know.