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fingerprint scanner

Police look to unlock smartphone using 3D-printed fingerprints

A police force is asking researchers to help unlock a phone using 3D-printed replicas of its owner's fingerprints.

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Tapp wants your fingerprint to open its padlock instead of a key

TappLock, a new padlock from Tapp, is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo to bring its fingerprint-enabled lock to market. The lock doesn't open with a combo, a key or smartphone like other options do, and instead uses your fingerprint to keep it safe and secure.

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HTC One Max gets reviewed, does its fingerprint swiper rival Touch ID?

There was much hype around Apple's fingerprint scanner – given the more consumer friendly Touch ID moniker – but now another smartphone manufacturer has brought the technology to a new device. With the launch of the new – and enormous – HTC One Max, HTC has gone down a different path to Apple and brought some different functionality as well as some similar to Touch ID. Android Central's Alex Dobie:

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Mullti-finger workaround allows Touch ID to accept more than five fingerprints on iPhone 5s

Call it a bug, a loophole, or an un-mentioned feature, but Touch ID on the new iPhone 5s will accept more than five fingerprints. How, you ask, when there are only five slots? The video above demonstrates the method, and we've verified that it does indeed work. Scanning five fingers instead of one will register all those fingerprints into just one slot.

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Imagining iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C: Fingerprint scanner, sensors, and ports

If the rumors are true, the 2013 flagship iPhone will be a S-class update, just like the iPhone 3GS in 2009 and the iPhone 4S in 2011. That means that while the overall look and feel won't change, some special new feature will be offered to make it a more enticing upgrade than it seems on the surface. Video recording and Siri fit that bill the last two times. This time it seems like it'll be a fingerprint scanner. Could any additional new or updated sensors come along for the ride? What about speakers or connectors or other new hardware? When the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are introduced next week, just what exactly will be introduced along with them?

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Fingerprint scanner reportedly now integrated into iPhone 5S prototypes for testing

It appears that the iPhone 5s will have a fingerprint scanner in the Home button of the device. There have been rumors about fingerprint scanning for the next iPhone for a while, and a recent part leak also point to the feature.

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Would you use a finger-print scanner on the iPhone 5S or future iPad? [Poll]

Would you use a finger-print scanner on the iPhone 5s or future iPad?

A fingerprint scanner - a biometric way to verify your identity - is one of the strongest, most likely rumors making the rounds about the upcoming iPhone 5s, widely expected to be announced by Apple this fall. Whether it's ultimately announced or not, and whether it's built into the Home button or not, the idea has been picking up speed since Apple bought biometric specialist AuthenTec last year, and will likely continue to do so up until the iPhone 5s is announced on stage.

There's a strong argument to made for a fingerprint - or more specifically, a thumbprint - scanner in the next iPhone, and even the next iPods and iPads. Entering passwords on mobile sucks. Keyboards on mobile aren't as fast as desktop keyboards, nor is the software as forgiving. That tends to make people use shorter, simpler passwords, or no passwords at all.

At the same time, mobile devices hold as much if not more personal information about us than anything that's ever come before. They're becoming our virtual identity. They need to be secure.

Questions remain about how it could be implemented, however. If in the Home button, than how will it work? If not in the Home button, than where? Would a thumb scan be enough or would/should a Passcode still be required as well. How would sharing a device, like an iPad, work for multiple family members or co-workers? How would lending a device to a friend work? Will third party apps be able to use it for authentication as well?

The most important question, though, is would you use it? What would Apple have to do - how much automagic-ness will they have to employ, to make biometric authentication as mainstream as they have smartphones, tablets, and natural language?

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