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Apple hires HP exec to help lead corporate and government sales

Apple has hired John Solomon, a longtime HP executive, formerly a senior vice president with that company's printing a personal systems group. What his role at Apple will be is unclear, though it could involve boosting sales to governments and businesses. It is also possible, but apparently unlikely, that Solomon will help sell the Apple Watch internationally

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Newly announced HP displays offer 4K, 5K, curved designs and virtual reality

CES is just getting started and HP has already taken the time to announce some new products. The company has unveiled a number of new monitors, bringing 4K, 5K and even virtual reality to the modern day desktop environment.

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HP, Gilt, and Michael Bastian partner for stylish new smartwatch

HP's rushing to pre-empt the iWatch with a smartwatch partnership with designer Michael Bastian and online luxury retailer Gilt. Details of this smartwatch will do are slim, but we do know that they're aiming to have it work with iOS and Android β€” nope, it's not Android Wear β€” and that there will be companion apps for both platforms that allow users to customize the watch's interface.

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HP reminds us it'll keep making Beats Audio PCs for a while yet

Apple acquiring Beats is the hot topic right now, but HP is having its say, and doesn't want you to forget that you'll still be buying Beats Audio enabled PCs from them for a while to come. HP's agreement with Beats ultimately continues through 2015, with the details outlined in an email to CNET:

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Apple updates Java, Canon and HP printer drivers for OS X

Apple has posted updates to Java for OS X along with new Canon and HP printer drivers. All are available for download from Apple's support web site and through the Software Update system preference.

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iPad crushes other mobile PC and tablet manufactures in market share

NPD recently published the results of their Q1 2012 mobile PC market research, and as you might expect, Apple's iPad has dominated competing mobile PC manufacturers. After shipping 17.2 million iPads in the quarter, Apple has claimed 22.5% market share, compared to HP's 11.6%, Acer's 9% and Lenovo's 7.7%. Among tablet manufacturers, the iPad commanded 62.8% market share, followed by Samsung with 7.5%, Amazon with 4%, and RIM tied with ASUS with 2.3%.

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HP could be pilot for new "Jobs' Business Nightmare" show on FOX

After reading the news Precentral.net broke about Palm once again being split into separate software (likely to wither) and hardware (likely to die) units, it made me wish we could get a new show on FOX this fall called "Jobs' Business Nightmare". Just like the Gordon Ramsay cooking show, Steve Jobs could tackle another bumbling, downward spiraling tech company each week, shake them up, reorganize their product matrixes, and turn them back towards the path to success. Just like he did with Apple. HP could be the pilot.

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