These HP Mac Monitors are basically buy one get one free thanks to Black Friday

HP Dual Monitor bundle
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You don't know how much screen you've been missing until you put two monitors side by side - that extra space just makes stretching out all your work windows so much nicer. This Black Friday bundle from HP puts two 23-inch FHD displays in one purchase, with a significant $170 saving. It's not quite buy one get one free, but it is darn close.

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Double the screen space to get more done

HP M24f FHD dual monitor bundle |$420$250 at HP

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">HP M24f FHD dual monitor bundle | $420 $250 at HP

These may not be the highest resolution monitors, but 1080p is still nothing to sniff at. Dual 23-inch monitors is the sweet spot for most desks - it's big enough that you'll notice the extra space, but compact enough that won't feel like you're surrounded by screen. Note that if you use monitor arms this may not be for you - these displays aren't compatible with Vesa mounts.

An extra monitor is one of those things where you'll soon wonder how you managed to go without one before. It frees up so much space on the desktop of your best Mac, letting you stretch out all your windows and let those chrome tabs breathe. One of my favorite setups has a screen that's permanently for a team messaging app, while the other is a work screen - it separates out my workload, and makes it more manageable. There are other screen options of course, particularly if you want something with a greater resolution - so make sure you take a gander at the best 4K Mac displays as well. 

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