Give your new MacBook Air M2 some extra screen real estate with this back-to-school monitor deal

HP M2fd Monitor
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Over the back-to-school period, HP is running a promotion with some great deals. Our pick for today is this USB-C-equipped monitor that will charge your laptop while you use it and give you some extra ports to hook in other USB accessories. Full price, it's $249, but HP has lopped $80 off - you can grab one now for just $169.

Get some work done on your MacBook Air

HP M24fd FHD USB-C Monitor | (opens in new tab)

HP M24fd FHD USB-C Monitor | $249 now $169 at HP (opens in new tab)

While it may only be 1080p, this monitor is perfect for helping to get some work done. It's slim enough to fit on any desk, with a sturdy stand to ensure it won't wobble while you bash out a report. This back-to-school offer won't be around forever - so grab them while they're hot!

Sometimes the screen of your laptop just isn't enough, and you need a little bit of extra space to see what you're doing. An additional monitor will let you open more apps and keep them open side by side, improving your productivity. 

This HP monitor is a 24-inch screen, perfect for extra digital work real estate while compact enough to fit on even the smallest of desks. One of the coolest parts of this model is its USB-C connection which makes it perfect for the users of the best MacBooks.

The USB-C port on the back of the monitor will not only carry the picture from your laptop but also charge it too. There's a built-in USB hub on the rear, so you won't have to worry about getting an extra hub. If you've picked up the new M2 MacBook Air but want a bit more space to work with, this monitor will be brilliant. It is only 1080p, but on a screen this size, you aren't going to notice or care.

This deal is part of a wider HP back-to-school promotion (opens in new tab) with some brilliant bargains to be had - just be careful because once a product is gone, it's gone! If you want a slightly bigger monitor or want to see what other monitors there are, we've got some of the best USB-C monitors in a list.

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