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Siri guest stars on CBS's Big Bang Theory

In the latest episode of CBS's "The Big Bang Theory" titled "Beta Test Initiation", Raj Koothrappali starts a relationship with a well-known woman - Siri.

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Siri Parody [Video]

Not content with any of the existing Siri parodies on the web, TiPb contributor George Lim and the guys from TEChBrits decided to have some fun of their own. It's a shot-for-shot remake of Apple's own intro video, only... with not so happy results. For them.


Source: YouTube

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Steve Jobs Pitches the iPad to BBC's Dragons Den [Friday fun video]

What would it have been like if Steve Jobs had pitched the iPad to The Dragons on BBC's Dragons Den?

The sketch was seen as part of the BBC's 2010 Unwrapped with Miranda Hart - a comical review on some of the big stories of 2010.

See the video after the break!

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iPad + stick = protest 2.0? [video]

The iPad is the ultimate internet device, its a great gaming platform, but how is it in a protest?

In Lithuania, there have been protests against the country's emigration policy. People carry signs, people chant, however one man, decided that he would update old 'protest' conventions with new technology.

He help up his iPad.....on a stick. The iPad was playing a slideshow of 'protest' captions, though due to the weather, it was seen in a see-thru plastic bag to protect it from the rain.

Despite the serious nature of the protest, this was a definite laugh for those watching nearby.

See the ProtestPad in action in the video below.


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