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New iPad vs MacBook Air: Which should you buy? [iMore TV]

Should you get the new iPad or MacBook Air, or more properly, who should get an iPad and who would do better with a MacBook Air? That was the topic of our very first iMore TV show almost 18 months -- and two full iPad generations! -- ago, and it's one we return to now following the launch of the latest, greatest 3rd generation iPad!

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TiPb TV 24: Back to the iPhone 4S future

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Georgia and Rene go back to the future to discuss the features of the new iPhone 4S and whether or not they make for a compelling upgrade for existing iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS owners. This is TiPb TV!

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TiPb TV 22: iHelicopters dogfight

Georgia and Rene go all Airwolf vs. Blue Thunder with iHelicopter, the iPhone-controlled remote helicopters. We're talking terrifying takeoffs, ludicrous landings, and crazy crashes. This is TiPb TV.

Courtesy: iHelicopters

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TiPb TV 20: Bond boat bash [giveaway]

We put the original Aquapac and Overboard cases for iPhone 4 through the car wash and into the deep end, so what could we do with Aquapac for iPad 2 and the new Overboard Pro Sport for iPhone? Well, Rene and I had some Amazing Case-style ideas. However, putting the waterproof Acquapac for iPad and Overboard for iPhone through the dishwasher just didn't sound cool. You know what's cool? Putting them head to head in a Bond boat bash!

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TiPb TV 18: Ultimate iPad case sledding challenge

You asked us to put the Otterbox Defender head-to-head against the Incipio Destroyer in a proper, traditional Smartphone Experts style review and... I thought to heck with that. We're doing an Amazing Case episode of TiPb TV. No, not a Jiu-Jitsu death-match or scratch test or water torture, this time we're taking the Defender and the Destroyer out onto the frigid Canadian slopes, we're putting them up against ice and snow and mud and rocks -- we're literally putting our butts on the line to stress test them for the TiPb nation!

We've previously taken a look at how to put on and take off the Destroyer and how to install and remove the Defender. This time we took them... sledding! Now the Defender's outer layer is silicon (Destroyer puts that layer inside) and non-stick might be great for grip but not for racing down a hill. So we had to take that off. Destroyer is also literally screwed together. With differences like that, could it be a fair test? Could we figure out which one would best keep your iPad protected (and me alive?)

Hit play and find out!

[Special thanks to @marcedwards from Bjango for the 1-star rating t-shirts. Meh!]

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TiPb TV 17: iPad 2 tourist

We're back from flu enforced hiatus with an all new episode of TiPb TV featuring Apple's all new iPad 2! There's so much to cover we're going to be breaking it up over several shows and fair warning -- we're going to be having fun with it. (If you want a more traditional look, go read our iPad 2 review.)

This time around Rene and I take a look at iPad 2's Apple A5 chipset and iOS 4.3's JavaScript Nitro engine to see just how fast games like Infinity Blade can launch and websites like can render. Then we take FaceTime and the iPad 2's "cameras" on the road for a full on tourist test at the local mall. And oh man your eyes may never recover!

(In case you're curious, we used iPhone 4's Wi-Fi personal hotspot to connect iPad 2 to FaceTime over 3G which makes no sense but worked well.)

Watch along with us above and then let us know what you think -- is the web and app speed worth the upgrade? Are the cameras good enough to use in a pinch?

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TiPb TV 16: Switching to the Verizon iPhone?

The Verizon iPhone is almost upon us and it looks like many of you are making the big switch! Whether you're leaving the AT&T iPhone or moving from BlackBerry or Droid, you'll have to move your data over and maybe look for ways to keep some of the functionality you're used to. That's the topic for this episode of TiPb TV!

Sure the iPhone is popular and famous for being easy to use but It can be stressful to leave a network or device you're used to and comfortable with and pick up something new. The good news is if you're going from the AT&T iPhone to the Verizon iPhone you're just an iTunes backup and restore away from the simplest switch imaginable. If you're going from BlackBerry or Droid, however, the differences will be more pronounced.

Rene and I go over how cloud services like Gmail can help you get your contacts over (and provide push email, contacts, and calendars!) and App Store apps like Kik Free - (iTunes link], Waze [Free - iTunes link] and others can help replace things like BBM and Google Navigation.

If you're used to rooting on Android or themes on BlackBerry we'll also introduce you to Jailbreak and the new ThemeIt store for iPhone. And if you need any extra help we have Verizon iPhone Forums just waiting for you as well as our TiPb Guides and TiPb Tips sections with tons more info.

So are you ready to make the switch? Watch the video above and let us know how it's going for you in the comments!

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TiPb TV 15: Is Apple TV worth it?

Is the new Apple TV worth $99? Now that it has reached that magic price point it's a question we're being asked more frequently than ever. Being part of the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad iOS family means it just works with the devices you already have but being part of Apple means it doesn't work at all with other devices and formats. Does the good outweigh the bad? That's the topic for this episode of TiPb TV!

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TiPb TV 13: iOS 4.3 preview

Apple has begun releasing beta versions of iOS 4.3, the next update for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and we're here to take a look at its biggest and best new features. That's right, Wi-Fi personal hotspot, multitasking gestures and the return of the orientation lock switch are the topics for this episode of TiPb TV!

The personal hotspot will ship with the Verizon iPhone but we don't know how much they'll charge for it yet. AT&T and other GSM iPhones should get it as well with iOS 4.3 but carriers may or may not support it and may charge for it if they do (like tethering now). Given what they charge for Mi-Fi already will it be worth it to you?

Multitasking gestures are just a developer preview right now and Apple has said they won't actually ship for consumers any time soon. I have to admit they're really fun but they might not be ready for prime time yet.

Rene thought Apple would never give us the orientation lock switch back. I thought they may just give us a choice. Guess what they've done? That's right. This time choice wins!

Watch the video for the full tour and check out our complete iOS 4.3 walkthrough for detailed descriptions and screenshots. If you have any questions let us know!

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TiPb TV 12: Should you get the Verizon iPhone?

Yes unicorns and the color white are still mythical but now at last the Verizon iPhone is real -- so should you get it? There are a lot of factors to way including network, new iPhone models, and costs, and all of that is the topic for this episode of our video show, TiPb TV!

We're getting a lot of questions from Verizon feature phone users considering getting their first iPhone, Droid or BlackBerry users thinking about joining the light side, and AT&T iPhone users just bursting to make the switch. AT&T or Verizon, which should you choose? Do you need simultaneous voice and data and international roaming or is reliability and US coverage more important to you? Are you still on a contract and are you willing to pay the early termination fee? Can Verizon really handle the iPhone? And once you decide would you be better off waiting for Apple to release an iPhone 5 this June?

Rene and I go over the options and help you decide. So hit the video above and watch along, then tell us what you choose to do in the comments!

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