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jim dalrymple

Missing and duplicate song issues in Apple Music being fixed 'shortly'

Jim Dalrymple has written an update about the state of his music collection, post-Apple Music. As part of it, he includes some information on upcoming fixes for the service.

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Jim Dalrymple turns off Apple Music

Jim Dalrymple, famous for both his love of music and his coverage of Apple, came to a point where the two stopped coexisting for him.

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How 'Likes' work in Apple Music

There's a heart to Apple Music, and it's the 'like' button.

Like buttons let you express interest in things, from the social activities of your friends on Facebook to the pictures and videos that are most special to you in Photos. In theory, it's a simple way to help a system understand how you feel about certain content so it can either convey that feeling to your network, keep content handy, or give you more of what you like. The problem is, many apps use 'likes' very differently. So, how does Apple Music and its hearts work?

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The profound impact of Apple Watch

Almost two months ago the Apple Watch started to ship. That ended almost five months of anticipation, but for one long-time Apple reviewer, it also started a transformation.

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The iWatch first-mover non-advantage

While iWatch rumors continue to run hot and heavy Apple hasn't said word one about any specific wearable product. Many of their competitors, however, have had smartwatches on the shelves for months if not years. That's led to some market and media sentiment that Apple's "late" to the game. Apple, however, like wizards, tends to arrive precisely when it means to. Jim Dalrymple writing for the The Loop:

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iMore show 391: Apple fanboys

Jim Dalrymple from The Loop joins Rene and Peter to talk about Steve Jobsโ€™ legacy, the SSL/TLS bug, the new Galaxy S5, iPhone 6, iWatch, and Apple TV expectations, and dumb media stories.

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Apple's secret ingredient: Clarity

While it frustrates some people when Apple redesigns Final Cut Pro or the Mac Pro and it no longer seems to serve the power-user base, it ultimate ends up empowering a far larger base. That's Apple's longstanding mission โ€” to make technology ever-more accessible. And one of the primary ways Apple accomplishes that mission is through clarity. Jim Dalrymple, writing for The Loop:

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iMore show 371: iPad & Mac event... Looped!

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop joins Rene and Peter to talk about Apple's iPad and Mac event, and the new, Glide-powered The Loop Magazine.

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The Loop Magazine: The long-form Loop you've been waiting for!

I've been bitching to Jim Dalrymple of The Loop for years that, as much as I liked his and Peter Cohen's highly curated, Apple-, web-, music-, and gaming-centric link-list style, I missed their longer form pieces, the kind I remembered fondly from Macworld. Jim, of course, laughed. You might well know Jim's laugh. It's equal parts hilarious and bone-chilling. That laugh. Then, one day, he called me and said I could stop my bitching. He had a plan. He was going to start The Loop Magazine. So, how'd it turn out?

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iMore show 309: Maple bearded bandits

Rene talks with Jim Dalrymple of the Loop about stealing maple syrup, stupid Apple stories, the iPad vs. Windows 8, the potential markets for a 7-inch iPad and 4-inch iPhone, iOS 6, and more. The iMore show Sunday edition returns!

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