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Job Listing

Apple job posting hints at iPhone 5 possibly coming to Sprint

Apple has put up a job post requesting a carrier technician familiar with the Sprint network, which has led many to believe they may be prepping to include Sprint in their ammunition chest of US carriers that support the iPhone.

Apple in a newly discovered job posting effectively gave away plans to make a Sprint iPhone. A position for a "carrier engineer" is being offered that would work out of Kansas City, Missouri, just a short distance from Sprint's Overland Park, Kansas headquarters. The recruit would be responsible for getting technical certification of devices in an area where Sprint is the only company with a major office.

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More iPhone OS on Mac and Apple TV Talk

A little while ago TiPb asked if the Apple TV should be switched over to the iPhone OS, but what about the Mac? Coincidentally, a recent Apple job offering was discovered by ComputerWorld that hinted Apple was seriously considering pushing the iPhone OS from phone, MP3-player iPod touch, and tablet iPad to further devices:

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Apple Seeking Applications Engineer for Cloud-Bound iWork?

While it is not anything new to see Apple job postings, TechCrunch spotted a listing for iWork that stood out from the crowd. It was a year ago that Apple opened up to beta testing. It allows the sharing of iWork documents, spreadsheets and presentations with anyone with access to a modern web browser, on a Mac or PC. On December 22nd Apple posted that they are seeking anApplications Engineer for the iWork team and they hint that more than just online sharing might be in store for iWork:

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Apple Hiring Gaming Engineer for iPhone Team

Apple is looking to hire an experienced multimedia engineer for the iPhone and iPod touch, who's a passionate gamer and has shipped at least one "AAA" game in the last few years.

While first-party titles are a mainstay, and main point of attraction for dedicated gaming platforms like Nintendo (Mario), Microsoft (Halo), and Sony (Little Big Planet), so far all Apple has offered its "funnest iPod ever" is Texas Hold'em back in 2007.

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Wanted: Faster, More Powerful iPhone Processor Architect + Embedded Video Engineer

MacRumors has come across an Apple job listing for someone with:

excellent understanding and knowledge of processor architecture, specifically ARM and its vector unit NEON. Additional Intel SSE or PowerPC AltiVec is also very helpful. Being able to use processor micro-architecture to write and deliver fast routines is an essential attribute.

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Job Listing: iPhone Security Engineer aka iPhone Hacker

So a new employment opportunity popped up at Apple's job listings the other day and Apple is looking for an experienced iPhone Security Engineer to create "proof of concept" attacks on current security mechanisms and provide risk analysis of potential security threats. Basically, Apple needs an iPhone Hacker to prevent future jailbreaks, unlocks, and security breaches.

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