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John Browett

Former Apple retail SVP John Browett speaks about his time at Apple

Former Apple retail head John Browett has spoken about his brief time at the company. Speaking at the Retail Week Live conference, Browett praised Apple and it’s culture, saying that ultimately, he wasn’t a good fit.

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Apple announces departure of SVP of iOS, Scott Forstall and SVP of retail, John Browett

Apple announced today that Scott Forstall, senior vice-president of iOS, and John Browett, recent SVP of retail, are leaving the company. Forstall, who came to Apple from NeXT when Steve Jobs returned to the company, will stay on until next year as an advisor to Tim Cook. John Browett sounds like he's leaving far more immediately. Jony Ive, Eddy Cue, Craig Federighi, and Bob Manfield will be divvying up a lot of their duties.

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Apple SVP of retail, John Browett, addresses Apple Stores, stresses people and service

Apple's new senior vice president of retail, John Browett, gave his quarterly address to Apple Store employees last night. While normally routine and not exactly newsy, it follows a series of staffing and PR gaffs that have raised concerns about Browett's role and Apple's devotion to its experience-over-profit model. Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac scored a recording of the address.

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Recent Apple Retail screw-ups rumored not to be solved, emblematic of larger, post-Jobs problem

While new Apple Retail head John Browett reportedly apologized and reversed recent staffing decisions that threatened the phenomenal experience of Apple Stores, it's now being rumored that the apologies weren't exactly sincere, weren't actually given to the staff, and may reflect a new, more profit-oriented, less customer-centric, direction instigated by Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer.

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Apple apologizes for retail store staffing screw-ups

Apple has apologized for recent Apple Store staffing screw-ups that saw one of the most laudable retail operations in the world cut and confuse staff and threaten a reputation that, until now, has been second-to-none. Stories about the cuts and confusion in Apple Retail began to spread last week, and while Apple is denying reports about layoffs, they are admitting to the incredibly poor judgement when it comes to Apple Retail staffing general:

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Does Apple's new retail SVP, John Browett, make sense? [Stock talk]

"Is it also possible that Browett's experience at Dixons, and before that Tesco (the world's third largest retailer) might just be right what Apple needs as it continues on its path towards world domination?"

We, and pretty much the rest of the blogosphere were, shall we say, slightly bewildered when Apple announced its new SVP of Retail, John Browett.

Browett is, at first glance, an unusual hire because the retail organization he is leaving seems to be the exact opposite of what Apple stands for. He was the CEO of Dixons, the well known British technology retailer.

Big box retailers couldn't be further from Apple's model of clean, spacious, bright and minimalistic. Apple employees always want to help, knowing that when you are in their store you have already chosen their brand. They are highly service-oriented. Big box sales staff are all about making the sale. They couldn't care less what brand of TV you jam into your SUV after you slip the cashier your credit card.

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Apple appoints John Browett as Senior Vice President of Retail

Apple has appointed John Browett as their new Senior Vice President of Retail. Mr Browett will be leaving his position of CEO of Dixons Retail, Europe's largest specialist electrical retailer.

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