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The cost of relying on free apps

The true costs associated with free apps isn't limited to free-to-play-games, or the consequences to just our wallets. Michael Jurewitz, who up until last year worked as a developer evangelist at Apple, has outlined another profound cost on his blog, Jury:

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Debug 3: Jury and Kaleidoscope

Guy and Rene talk to Michael Jurewitz (Jury), formerly developer tools evangelist at Apple, now director of product development at Black Pixel, about Kaleidoscope 2, the realities of Apple, how to ship software, how to price software, and dealing with that Daft Punk helmet.

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Apple vs. Samsung juror: Knew after first day that Samsung had wronged Apple

Manuel Ilagan, one of the jurors in the landmark U.S. Apple vs. Samsung trial, which resulted in a sweeping $1 billion victory for Apple yesterday, has revealed that they, the jury, knew after the first day that Samsung had wronged Apple.

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