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Why Apple paying twice for Lala and Color engineers was a stroke of genius

Apple bought Lala for $80 million down and $80 in retention bonuses, and then, after founder Bill Nguyen and many of the engineers left anyway to found Color, Apple bought them again for around 7 million.

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iTunes cloud-based music taking a back seat to streaming video?

When Apple bought Lala, everyone anticipated that streaming music service was on the horizon, but now CNET hears it might be on hold as Apple works on... streaming video.

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Streaming media service Lala goes byebye, will take its place?

Streaming music service Lala closed its virtual doors today. Acquired by Apple last year, rumors persist that Lala talent and technology will be a part of an upcoming service that moves Apple music, movie, and TV offerings to the cloud.

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Apple-acquired Lala ending service May 31, not starting replacing it any time soon

Streaming music service Lala, acquired by Apple back in early December, 2009, has sent a letter to subscribers telling them they're shutting down as of May 31, and while remaining credit will get transferred to iTunes, streaming music won't show up in an any time soon.

The Lala service will be shut down on May 31st.

In appreciation of your support over the last five years, you will receive a credit in the amount of your Lala web song purchases for use on Apple's iTunes Store. If you purchased and downloaded mp3 songs from Lala, those songs will continue to play as part of your local music library.

Remaining wallet balances and unredeemed gift cards will be converted to iTunes Store credit (or can be refunded upon request). Gift cards can be redeemed on Lala until May 31st.

Click here or visit for more information, or to view Lala's Terms of Service.

Thank you.


Rumors have persisted that Apple bought Lala for the talent, or for the lower-cost transaction system, or to take iTunes to the cloud. None of that has materialized so far, but speculation remains that Steve Jobs will drop hints of a Lala-inspired iTunes future at the All Things Digital Conference (where he's introduced a new version of iTunes before), or at WWDC 2010 alongside the 4th generation iPhone (iPhone HD/iPhone 4G) and the final version of iPhone OS 4. If not, Apple's traditional September iTunes and iPod event would be the next likely candidate.

That is, if music companies allow it.

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No Subscriptions From Apple, Future iTunes to Upgrade Users' Media Catalogs to Lala Cloud?

In a guest-post on TechCrunch, founder and MP3tunes CEO, Michael Robertson cites a "wide variety of insider sources" when saying Apple will NOT offer subscription services any time soon, but rather leverage their recent acquisition of Lala to take iTunes to the cloud:

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TiPb Presents... iPhone Live! #79 -- Lala JooJoo!

Join Chad, Rene, and Georgia for Apple buys Lulu, CrunchPad becomes JooJoo, more AT&T/Verizon ad silliness, iTablet, iPhone developer RSS, and your questions answered! Listen in!

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Apple's Purchase of Online Music Streaming Service Lala to Take iTunes to the Clouds?

The Wall Street Journal is weighing in on Apple's purchase of online streaming music service, Lala, saying Apple is using it to explore taking iTunes to the cloud:

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UPDATED Again: Lala Cost Apple $80 (or $17) Million, was all About Streaming, or Talent, or Pay Model...

Apple snapped up online music streaming start-up Lala, and now attention has turned from the what to the why, with three areas of focus: the streaming itself, the talent behind it, and/or the bundled pay model that financed it. For those catching up, Lala scans a user's hard drive for music, then allows them to stream that music over the internet, from anywhere, desktop or mobile. In other words, cloud-based iTunes.

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Updated: Apple in Negotiations to Buy... Lala (Confirmed)

UPDATE: The New York Times says Apple is, in fact, buying Lala:

This person said Apple would primarily be buying Lalaโ€™s engineers, including its energetic co-founder Bill Nguyen, and their experience with cloud-based music services.

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Lala iPhone Music Streaming App Coming Soon

Streaming music has gotten pretty popular among iPhone owners and today we'd like to introduce you to one more option, Lala.

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