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iPad and how it can aid in medical recovery

Mike Wuerthele, managing editor for MacNN and Electronista, has started a new column sharing some of the technology his wife is using to aid in her recovery process, namely the iPad.

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Tim Cook proud of iPad's use in patient care at VA Hospital

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter to humbly brag about the iPad's use in patient care at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System. Taking to Twitter to announce the use of the iPad in medicine and patient care, Cook posted a picture of himself and staff at the medical facility with the iPad.

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Get fuzzy with iMore and the Movember iPhone app

November is here, and that means dudes the world over are growing out mustaches in the name of men's health.ย The Movember app for iPhone lets users keep track of their pledges, post updates on their mustache's progress, and pester friends on various social networks for donations.

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Haiti Earthquake Survivor Uses iPhone App as Survival Tool

Apple's iPhone, along with the help of a medical application, has saved at least one life in the tragic Haiti earthquake. American film maker, Dan Woolley, found himself trapped in rubble when the Haitian earthquake struck, injuring his head and leg. With no other place to turn he used his trusty iPhone along with help from a unknown first-aid medical application. The app helped him diagnose his broken foot, make a tourniquet for his leg, and described the best way to bandage his head to stop the bleeding. He even set the alarm clock to go off every 20 minutes to make sure he stayed awake and alert.

65 hours later he was rescued.

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Lightning Review: Epocrates RX

Today's lightning review: Epocrates Rx, available for free in the App Store. For writing the review, Libuff gets a 25% off coupon to the iPhone Blog Store. A review of a medical app from a genuine paramedic: Epic Win! Interested in getting your own coupon? Read the details on how your own Lightning Review could do just that!

Epocrates is the iPhone version of the famous drug reference software which is available on nearly all portable devices. from Palm to Blackberry to Windows Mobile and now to iPhone. This application is not for just the professional, although most of the information would be over the head of the non-medical professional types. This product is FREE, however an online registration is required, but also FREE. You can register here.

I work as a Paramedic, and as such, drug reference material is very important. We are quite often confronted with a myriad of medications which even the most experienced pharmacists have yet to hear about. Because of the ever expanding amount of medications out there, it becomes important to have dynamic drug references.

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