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Reminder: the iPhone 5 needs a new Nano-SIM card, it will not work with your existing SIM

If you managed to survive this morning’s pre-order and grabbed yourself a shiny new unlocked iPhone 5 direct from Apple, you need to start thinking about SIM cards. The iPhone 5 doesn’t have the traditional, ubiquitous Nini-SIM card like the iPhone 3GS, it doesn’t even have the relatively new Micro-SIM card like the iPhone 4 either -- it uses a brand new SIM card which is called the Nano-SIM.

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Could AT&T LTE microSIM cards point to 4G iPhone 5 or iPad 3?

While we're still hearing conflicting rumors about super-fast LTE 4G networking for iPad 3 this spring or iPhone 5 this summer/fall, you'll be happy to hear that AT&T is preparing to replace their current microSIM card stock with LTE compatible versions.

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iPad Uses Micro-SIM for 3G. What is it and Will the 4th Gen iPhone Get It?

The 3G version of the iPad is unlocked, so if your carrier supports micro-SIM, it should "just work". Wait... what? Steve Jobs dropped the micro-SIM comment so matter-of-factly during the iPad introduction that it took us a moment to process -- Micro-SIM, aka 3FF or 3rd generation SIM card. Yeah, don't have one of those, and neither does any iPhone. Awkward...!

PCMag's Sacha Seagan fills us in:

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