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Note Apps

Best handwriting note apps for iPad

Looking for the best iPad apps to help you scribble out handwritten notes? The iPad paired with a stylus can make a great note-taking alternative to traditional pen and paper. From writing out math problems to sketching out a design, sometimes handwriting is just more natural and efficient than typing with a keyboard. If text editing apps don't get the job done, hand-writing note taking apps might. But what handwriting note apps for iPad are the absolute best?

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Vesper 2.0 brings cloud syncing and backup for your notes, Mac app coming soon

Vesper 2.0 was released today and the staple feature is Vesper Sync which allows you to finally sync all your notes to the cloud. The best part? Vesper Sync is completely free to use. No catch, no joke, it's free. Vesper is also coming soon to a Mac near you.

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Evernote 7.3 makes taking notes simpler, more colorful

Evernote for iOS has been updated to version 7.3, making some changes to the user interface, as well as other improvements. You can customize the interface with some color and background options, as well as how the app displays your notes.

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Best note taking apps for Mac: Evernote, Simplenote, NoteSuite, and more!

Staying organized means having a good note taking app. Whether you're a student or professional, compulsive or casual, note taking apps can help you gather your thoughts, keep information synced across all your devices, or simply keep your memos handy for when you need them the most, there are a lot of great choices. Apple offers their own, built-in Notes App, but the Mac App Store has amazing alternatives as well. Which one is the best one for you? Here are my favorites!

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Evernote adds business card scanning and presentation mode for premium users

If you're an Evernote premium user, both the iPhone and iPad apps got updated to version 7.2 today. Business card scanning turns your business cards into editable notes while presentation mode turns your notes into presentations anywhere, anytime.

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Outline+ for iPad: The perfect note taking option for the overly compulsive!

Outline+ for iPad is a note taking app that focuses on keeping your notes organizes in outline format. You can create different notebooks for different purposes and organize and drill down inside of those as well. You also get Dropbox, Skydrive, iTunes, and Box syncing support.

  • Free (limited) - Download Now
  • $14.99 (full version) - [Download Now]( /id538029496?mt=8&at=10l3Vy&ct=d_im)

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Pad & Quill brings stylish notes to your iPhone and iPad

Pad & Quill, the makers of The Little Black Book have an iPhone and iPad notes app whose design was inspired by their cases. Your notes will be neatly organized in classic notebooks and stored on a wooden shelf with stylish papers, fonts, and colors waiting to be read.

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