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Note Taking Apps

Notability brings its powerful note taking to the Mac

Ginger Labs has released Notability for Mac. The app allows you to take notes in a variety of ways, and syncs with the iOS apps via iCloud. Notability has been optimized for Mac, and includes functionality like keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop, and more.

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Vesper note-taking app update makes tracking changes easier

Vesper has been updated to version 2.002, which is a slight bump from the 2.0 release, but the changes will make it easier for users to track any edits or revisions to their notes. As a note-taking and information collecting app, Vesper now allows you to see when the notes are created and modified when you tap at the bottom of the screen.

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Best handwriting note apps for iPad

Looking for the best iPad apps to help you scribble out handwritten notes? The iPad paired with a stylus can make a great note-taking alternative to traditional pen and paper. From writing out math problems to sketching out a design, sometimes handwriting is just more natural and efficient than typing with a keyboard. If text editing apps don't get the job done, hand-writing note taking apps might. But what handwriting note apps for iPad are the absolute best?

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Ask iMore: What's the best way to share lists between iPhone and Android?

Shopping lists and reminders are easily shared between iPhones with the stock Reminders app. That means adding something to a shopping list on one iPhone automatically updates it on the other person's. While this is a great option if both parties use iPhones, what if one of them uses Android? That's exactly the question one reader asked us. He currently uses an iPhone while his wife is sporting an Android. They want to be able to share lists and notes with one another but aren't quite sure what the best solution is. Luckily, there are some awesome third party apps that are available for both iPhone and Android that do just that. Here are my suggestions...

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Add some hashtags to your notebook with Fetchnotes for iPhone and iPad

Hashtags; they're everywhere. And, thanks to Fetchnotes for iPhone and iPad, you can fill your digital notebook with them too. The idea, and the app for that matter is pretty simple, but at the same time using hashtags is a pretty efficient way of organising your different note lists.

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Vesper updates to 007, supports iOS 7, 64-bit, typography controls, more

Vesper, the popular thought collection app for iPhone, has updated to version 007 and that means an all-new design for iOS 7, including new typography controls, and all new support for iPhone 5s, including the 64-bit Apple A7 chipset. Vesper was already prescient when it came to Apple design trends, but the update fits them fully into the reboot, and includes several incredibly tasteful new effects and treatments. The full list is available via the Vesper blog.

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Notability updated with iPhone support, iCloud sync, and more

Notability, one of the more popular handwriting and note taking apps, has just been updated to version 5.0 which brings with it support for iPhone. Previously Notability was only available for iPad. The update also brings iCloud sync so your notes will be available to you regardless what iOS device you're on.

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Vesper for iPhone review: Collect your thoughts with one part notes app, one part lists app, shaken, not stirred

Vesper -- Brent Simmons, Dave Wiskus, and John Gruber's Vesper -- is part list-maker and part note-taker, and so strongly opinionated about how it balances both that you'll fall instantly in love... or want to kill it on sight. This isn't your UIKit convention, your lowest common denominator, or any other concession to the mass-market. Everything about Vesper, every choice about every feature, liberates only through constraint. Because it allows for just a very small set of very deliberate actions, Vesper frees you from the cognitive overhead of managing the management app, and forces you to simply fulfill its purpose -- collecting your thoughts.

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EverClip for iPad review

EverClip for iPad is an app that allows you to clip various things from across the internet as well as many third party apps. Once you've clipped it, you can launch EverClip and automatically send it straight to your Evernote account right from your iPad. This can include links, any amount of text, images, and more. If you like to keep track of things in your Evernote account, EverClip can make getting the content there even easier.

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Projectbook for iPad review: create and organize your notes and to-do's

Projectbook for iPad is a note taker and to-do app that aims to streamline how you organize your data. Instead of using a note taking app and a to-do app separately, Projectbook allows you to keep them all in one place, minimizing the need for multiple apps to stay on task. You also have the ability to take handwritten notes or even draw which makes Projectbook ideal for almost any class or presentation setting.

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