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Notes Apps

BugMe! Stickies for iPhone and iPad review

BugMe! Stickies is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you create notes that resemble the popular, square, colorful sticky notes that we're all familiar with. You can use these stickies to create text or handwritten notes, set alarms and reminders, and even download stationary-like stickies that can be used to send notes to your friends.

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Drafts for iPhone review: Time-shifting for your ideas

I want to watch something on TV but I can't. PVR. Boom. I can watch it when I want. I want to read something on the web but I can't. Read later. Boom. I can read it when I want. I have an idea but am in no position to leverage it at the moment... Go to anyone of a dozen note-taking or mind mapping or sketching apps that are generally far too feature-filled and cumbersome to get into, out of, and triage things in just exactly the way you need to triage them. This is still a problem that needs better solving.

Enter Drafts for iPhone by Agile Tortoise, which aims to be a staging ground for singular thoughts, an incubator for moments of insight, a way to capture ephemera. It's a new riff on old jazz.

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Readdle Remarks brings note-taking and PDF annotating to iPad

Readdle has released their new note-taking and PDF annotating app, Remarks, for the iPad. Remarks is fully featured with the ability to take handwritten or text notes, add shapes, import photos, annotate PDFs.

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TiPb asks: How do you manage notes on your iPhone?

Last week on our iPhone Live! podcast, Chad and Seth got all nerdy about how they take notes, and manage their workflows, on the iPhone, and we figured it would be great to get even more views on this. So we're asking the TiPb nation!

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