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Olloclip updated for iOS to bring iPad support, video stabilization and more

Today's a great day for fans of olloclip. Head into the Apple App Store and you'll an updated olloclip app at version 2.2. It's a substantial update that brings iPad support and plenty more! Read on for the full changelog below!

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Olloclip's 4-in-1 iPad camera lens system up for preorder

The popular 4-in-1 slip on Olloclip lens is now available for iPad. We first saw the Ollclip for iPad at CES 2014, and the lens attachment is available for pre-order from Olloclip's website for $69.99.

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#CESLive: Expanding iPhone Photography with Olloclip

The iPhone's camera has improved in leaps and bounds - optical quality is better than ever, and Apple's attention to the sensor, combined with better software, makes it possible to take truly stunning photos with your device. But there's always room for improvement.

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A close up of Olloclip's new iPad camera lens at #CESlive

Olloclip makes clip-on lenses for iPhone; now they're offering a new product for the iPad Air, iPad mini and Retina iPad mini. They're also showing off a new 3-in-1 macro lens for the iPhone, and Rene and Georgia get a chance to look at them both.

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Olloclip makes iPhone photography more colorful with new iPhone 5c lenses

Olloclip has released a new version of their popular clip-on, three-in-one lense for the iPhone 5c. The new version comes in green, yellow, pink, blue, and white, the same colors as the iPhone 5c, and is available today for $59.99.

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Olloclip now selling 4-in-1 lenses in gold and space gray

If the color of Olloclip's 4-in-1 lens system for the iPhone always put you off, then you'll perhaps be pleased to hear that they are now available in gold and space gray. Otherwise it's the same great accessory, but for the more fashion conscious you can now pick one up to match the two new colors of iPhone 5s.

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Olloclip 4-in-1 lens system for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s review

Olloclip recently released an update to their current lens system for iPhone which is supposed to bring with it better overall optics and a new macro option. In the past we've been impressed with the results the old Olloclip system produced when it came to taking wide-angle, macro, and fisheye shots on the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. Now that I've had my hands on the new 4-in-1 system for a while now and had the chance to test it out with my iPhone 5s, here are the results...

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Olloclip launches 4-in-1 lens for iPhone, better optics and more macro

Olloclip has launched a new product in its extremely popular range of attachable lenses for the iPhone, the 4-in-1. Offering one more lens than the previous 3-in-1, this time out Olloclip has included an extra macro lens, as well as improved optics all round.

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Olloclip Quick-Flip case for iPhone 5 review: An expensive but convenient companion to your Olloclip lenses

Olloclip doesn't just make lens attachments for the iPhone anymore, the range has expanded to include the first case in the range. It's called the Quick-Flip, and the idea behind it is incredible simple. Yet for frequent Olloclip photographers, the Quick-Flip's simple idea could be the most convenient, time saving accessory they could buy. And that's because of who made it.

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Olloclip Telephoto Lens for iPhone review: Bring distant objects into focus without using zoom

Olloclip's Three-In-One Lens System for the iPhone was a game-changer - an adapter that clipped on to the corner of the iPhone or iPod touch to provide you with separate wide-angle, macro and fish-eye lenses. There was one thing missing, though - a telephoto lens. Olloclip recently announced its Telephoto Lens for iPhone and iPod touch. I've been using it for the last few days and I think it's fantastic.

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