What kind of film can you buy for the Polaroid OneStep+?

What kind of film can you buy for the Polaroid OneStep+?

Best answer: Though you have two choices, the best option is the Polaroid i-Type film because of the price.Get the right film: Polaroid Instant i-Type Film (From $14 at Amazon)

Two film types

Polaroid's OneStep+ is compatible with two different film types. Polaroid's i-Type Film was specially designed for the new Polaroid cameras and the 600 Film works with the new OneStep+ camera as well as several vintage Polaroid cameras.

However, when choosing a film for your OneStep+ there's only really one option. A pack of 600 Film costs a few dollars more than the i-Type Film. The reason for the higher cost is that the 600 Film cartridge contains a battery. The battery is needed for older cameras, but not the OneStep+ camera. The new cameras have a built-in rechargeable battery, so there is no need for a battery in the film cartridge. The i-Type Film contains no battery, which makes it cheaper.

i-Type Film Specs

The i-Type Film produces photos with a length of 3.4 inches and a height of 4.25 inches. The image area has a length of 3.1 inches and a height of 3.1 inches. Each pack of film takes eight photos.

You can choose the classic white framed film, which looks like the vintage Polaroid photos. If you pick the standard white frame color, you can choose either color or black and white film. If you choose the color film, you can save a few dollars by buying the double pack. If you prefer, you can also choose specialty frames, such as the Gradient Edition or Rose Gold Edition.

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