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Shockingly, AT&T and Verizon were behind ill-fated BlackBerry "Apple Killer" Storm and Torch

Remember those stories about BlackBerry maker RIM working on what they internally referred to as an "Apple Killer"? Remember how that turned out for them with the BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Torch? Well, it turns out everyone has Verizon and AT&T to thank for that. Shocking, right?

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Apple and Samsung collectively enjoy 90% of smartphone market profits, 55% market share

ABI Research recently published the results of their survey of the smartphone market in Q1 2012, and found that Samsung and Apple together claim a little more than half the market share and 90% of the profits. Global smartphone shipments grew a healthy 41% since last year, though Sony and Samsung were the only ones to see growth quarter-over-quarter.

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Apple boasts strongest manufacturing supply chain in the world, turns over inventory in five days

Gartner has just published their findings from looking at the supply chain strength across manufacturers worldwide, and Apple still tops the list.

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Nano-SIM standard decided by European standards institute

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has announced that they have decided on the next generation of Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards. The original iPhone (and many other phones) used mini-SIM cards. The iPad and iPhone 4 were among the first devices to use the much smaller micro-SIM standard. This new nano-SIM design will be 40% smaller than current iPhone micro-SIM cards, measuring 12.3 mm wide, 8.8 mm high, and 0.67 mm thick. 

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Research In Motion reportedly axed BlackBerry Messenger for iOS and Android

Rumors of Reseach In Motion's iconic BlackBerry Messenger app wriggling its way over to iPhone may be coming to an end. Anonymous sources have claimed that new CEO Thorsten Heins shut down the idea of licensing BlackBerry Messenger to carriers and manufacturers as soon as he stepped in, and was actually against RIM doing any kind of licensing at all. Apparently the issue was "not up for discussion", according to the source. It's unfortunate that he made that call early on, considering he openly admitted to looking into licensing deals during the last quarterly conference call. Ex co-CEO Jim Balsillie was previously rumored to champion BBM on other platforms, a project which new sources claimed was called SMS 2.0 internally. They had even acquired a small company called LiveProfile to work on it.

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iPad crushes other mobile PC and tablet manufactures in market share

NPD recently published the results of their Q1 2012 mobile PC market research, and as you might expect, Apple's iPad has dominated competing mobile PC manufacturers. After shipping 17.2 million iPads in the quarter, Apple has claimed 22.5% market share, compared to HP's 11.6%, Acer's 9% and Lenovo's 7.7%. Among tablet manufacturers, the iPad commanded 62.8% market share, followed by Samsung with 7.5%, Amazon with 4%, and RIM tied with ASUS with 2.3%.

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BlackBerry maker RIM meets Apple half-way on nano-SIM design

RIM recently proposed a new nano-SIM card design to counter one proposal made by Apple to the the European Telecommunications Standards Instititute.

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iPhone tops yet another customer satisfaction survey

Just in case we needed any more convincing that people love their iPhones, the American Customer Satisfaction Index has found through recent surveys that Apple's smartphones are leaving customers the happiest. The iPhone scored 83 on their system, compared to to Nokia, LG and HTC who are all tied at 75.

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RIM shows off BlackBerry 10 -- What they'll be putting up against iOS 6 and iPhone 5!

At BlackBerry World 2012, RIM has finally given us a sneak preview of their next generation BlackBerry 10 operating system. It won't be released until later in 2012, likely pitting it head-to-head against iOS 6 and iPhone 5,1, and a lot can change, but here's some of what we've seen so far:

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RIM Australia admits it was responsible for Wake Up flashmob at Sydney Apple Store

RIM Australia has confirmed that it was responsible for the flashmob attack on a Sydney Apple Store.

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