iPhone and BlackBerrySource: CrackBerry

What you need to know

  • Did you know that you can connect an iPhone to a BlackBerry?
  • And if you did, what about transferring files?
  • Turns out it works, and way better than you'd think.

Remember BlackBerry? Sure you do. It's the company that owned the smartphone market until Apple came along. Well, it turns out having your business taken away by a company you mocked isn't as bad as it gets. Having your phone dragged out to show just how interoperable a modern iPhone is – that's as bad as it gets.

And that's exactly what this video shows. We see an iPhone connected to a BlackBerry from the mid-2000s – admittedly, there's a dongle involved – with various files and whatnot transferred between them. You can even use an iPhone to install "apps" on a BlackBerry, apparently. I'm putting scare quotes around "apps" because let's be honest. These things aren't apps. Not like we've become accustomed to today.

Anyway, check the video out if you've a spare few minutes. Especially if you were around when BlackBerry's Mike Lazardis was looking down on the 2007 iPhone from his lofty perch.

Only to be knocked well and truly off of it.