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Nintendo Switch: A review from three different types of gamers

After one week with the Nintendo Switch, three gamers discuss their take from their different perspectives.

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What we're expecting from Apple's Fall event

We’ve got a pretty good idea of what the folks in Cupertino are plotting, but that doesn’t mean Apple can’t pull out a surprise or two from its proverbial magician’s hat.

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What iMore thought of the WWDC 2016 announcements, one week later

The iMore team has had just over a week to ruminate on the announcements, big and small, from WWDC. Here's what we thought.

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WWDC 2016: What we're here to see!

WWDC 2016 is almost upon us, and we're getting excited!

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iOS 10: What iMore dreams of seeing for iPhone and iPad at WWDC 2016!

Apple’s iPhone and iPad operating system hits the big one-zero this year, but there’s still lots left that iMore’s editors hope to see!

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macOS: What iMore hopes to see from OS X at WWDC 2016

Apple’s oldest shipping operating system is about to be made new again. Here’s our wish list for the next version of OS X.

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tvOS 10: What we want to see next for Apple TV

The iMore team discusses what they want to see from the next big tvOS software release at WWDC.

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watchOS 3: What we want to see next for Apple Watch

Our hopes and dreams for the third generation of Apple Watch software.

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What iMore wants from an Apple Smart Home hub

Siri has changed a lot in the last five years. But with all the hubbub around Amazon's Echo and Google's Home assistant leveraging increasingly complex machine learning and A.I., what would we want from an Apple Smart Home hub? Our editors weigh in.

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Apple Music: Nine months later

We’ve been living with Apple Music, Beats 1, and Connect for almost a year. Here’s what’s working — and what’s really not.

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