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Apple Maps surprisingly wins three way shootout against Waze and Google Maps

PC Magazine’s John C. Dvorak has tested three mapping applications available for iPhone and very surprisingly the much maligned Apple Maps came out on top in the tests. The testers were Leo Laporte from TWiT who was using the Waze app, John C. Dvorak who had Google Maps and finally Glenn Rubenstein who had Apple Maps. They each set off with several missions, one of which was to find Apple’s 1 Infinite Loop headquarters.

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Netbot vs. Felix vs. Rivr: apps for iPhone shootout!

While (ADN) may be pretty new, it doesn't mean many users aren't already on it, including iMore and our staff. Even though the service hasn't been around for very long, there are already some choices when it comes to choosing an ADN iPhone app.

Netbot, Felix, and Rivr are all fully functional ADN apps for iPhone but is one better than the other, and more importantly, which one should you use? Follow along and we'll help you decide.

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iPhone 3G vs T-Mobile G1: Hardware Shootout!

If you didn’t know, Google and T-Mobile held a small event that introduced the world to Android and the first Android device, the T-Mobile G1. And though Android impressed many (TiPb included), a lot of people scratched their heads when it came to the T-Mobile G1. Sure it packed a lot of features, controls, layouts, etc in one device but looks-wise it just didn’t blow anybody away. Is this really the device that Google is going to use to introduce the world to Android?

So we decided to take a closer look at the hardware and see how it compares to the iPhone 3G!

Read on to see how the iPhone 3G compares to the T-Mobile G1

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