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Storm 2

BlackBerry Bold 9700, Storm2 Hands-on Video, Smartphone Round Robin

Week 2 of the 2009 Smartphone Round Robin sees me take on TiPb's Public Frenemy #1, the almost-diametrically opposed BlackBerry -- or is it? This year in addition to the new flagship BlackBerry Bold 9700, we officially have an actual touch-screen 'Berry in the 'Robin -- the Storm2. What's an iPhone blogger to do? Well, first go on the Cell Phone Junkie podcast with Mickey and all the SPE editors to discuss RIM's platform, that's a given.

Next, of course, I hit up the world's foremost BlackBerry lover , CrackBerry Kevin Michaluk himself, and as if that weren't enough, I enlisted the million-strong CrackBerry Nation to help me out as well!

Remember, every day you post on my CrackBerry Forums thread, you're entered for a chance to win the BlackBerry of your choice. (And there's a total of 6 smartphones up for grabs -- one per SPE site -- so check them all out!)

Now grab your hotdogs, popcorn, and spicy drink, because after the break CrackBerry Kevin gives me a guided tour of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Storm 2, and everything new in hardware and BlackBerry OS 5.0.

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The Competition: BlackBerry Storm 2 -- Do Over?

BlackBerry Storm2, RIM's second bite at Apple's multi-touch, black slab form factor, is just about ready for prime time, and as always, our sibling site has the complete Storm2 review. Kevin sums it up thusly:

The Storm2 fixes many of the BlackBerry Storm's outstanding issues and makes a ton of incremental improvements, all of which add up to something that feels noticeably better. In a way that never quite applied to the original Storm, the Storm2 could legitimately be called the flagship BlackBerry.

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Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 vs. iPhone Chart, like Cake, is a LIE!

Our good friends over at found and posted up this handy chart from Verizon, meant to serve as a point of comparison between the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2 and competitive devices. The problem? Like cake, the CHART IS A LIE!

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Poll: iPhone Screen, BlackBerry Storm Screen, or Both?

What's your preferred touchscreen technology?(surveys)

Do you prefer the singular, solid piece of glass that is currently the iPhone screen, the big honking button/piezo electric multi-clicker that powers the BlackBerry Storm and its upcoming second edition, or do you yearn for the ability to customize haptics on your touch screen?

That's the question our sibling site, asked yesterday and the one we're repeating today. Since you're reading TiPb, we expect you're already super-elite when it comes to using the iPhone multitouch screen, so no explanation needed here.

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The Competition: BlackBerry Storm 2 - Piezo-Electric Boogaloo!

Bla1ze over at has posted up a video by Salomondrin that shows off and explains the BlackBerry Storm 2's new "piezo electric" screen technology. In a nutshell, when the Storm 2 is off, the screen is hard just like an iPhone. When the Storm 2 is on, however, it becomes like a sponge beneath a screen coating, so a user can "push" into it to register a click, double-click, or multi-clicks.

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The Competition: Hands on with the BlackBerry 9550 Storm 2 "Odin"'s Kevin got his hands (and signature green coffee table) on RIM's next-generation touchscreen BlackBerry, the Storm 2, aka 9550, aka "Odin". And his early thoughts?

  • the hardware is much nicer
  • the click screen is more user-friendly
  • the operating system is basically the same

Is 2/3 enough? Says Kevin:

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Attack of the iClones Part Deux: Storm 2 Warning

Every spring, the interweb gadgeteratti turn their attention towards rumormongering Apple's June iPhone release. So what does the BlackBerry world do? Try to wedge in a little next gen Storm chatter.

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