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Text Editors

Get BBEdit, the most advanced text editor you'll ever need, for 20% off right now

Code warriors, you'll be happy to hear that a popular Mac app by the name of BBEdit is 20% off until June 27 when you use the code smile14 on check-out. The discount is being provided by Smile, the guys behind TextExpander and big fans of BBEdit, clearly. This knocks down the price to $39.99, which isn't a bad deal at all for something you could end up using day-in and day-out. We've talked with the BBEdit guys in the podcast before, and though it's primarily used for web developers, Rene loves using this app for plain text.

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Elements for Dropbox updated with new design, MultiMarkdown support, and more

Elements for Dropbox, the plain text and Markdown editor for iPhone and iPad, has received a large update, adding many new features, including a new design and other major additions. Elements now supports MultiMarkdown, and extension of the original Markdown syntax that supports things like footnotes, tables, citations, and more.

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Drafts updated with support for new TextExpander snippet sharing

Both the iPhone and iPad versions of popular text editor Drafts have been updated this morning, adding support for the new TextExpander sharing method. Because the new way that TextExpander shares snippets with apps on iOS, Drafts' list of your snippets will need to be refreshed manually whenever you make changes in TextExpander.

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1Writer for iOS: The Markdown editor for those who want support for third party apps

1Writer is a new Markdown editor for both iPhone and iPad. In terms of functionality, it's got a shortcut bar just like other Markdown editors offer and live previews. What makes 1Writer great is the syncing and third party app support it offers.

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The best free and paid text editors for the Mac

Word processors like Microsoft Word and Apple's own Pages software are just dandy if you want to write a college paper or fax a cover sheet, but their focus is on page layout and text formatting. Text editors are an entirely different story. Text editors are much more helpful if you're editing code, creating web pages, doing text transformation or other things that a word processor is just overkill for. Here's a roundup of the best ones you can get for your Mac at the moment.

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Write for Dropbox lets you create notes on your iPhone quickly and beautifully

Write for Dropbox is a brand new text editor for iPhone that lets you create notes on the fly quicker than ever. With extensive gestures, markdown support, lots of sharing options, and a beautiful interface, Write for Dropbox may just be the best text editor for iPhone we've ever seen.

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Take simple, streamlined, well-organized notes with Daedalus Touch for iPad

Deadalus aims to simplify the process of note taking and make it enjoyable instead of adding features many won't use or need.

There is a wealth of note taking applications for iPad available in the App Store but the simplicity of Daedalus is what makes it so great. It's got a great interface that focuses on allowing to take notes quickly and switch between stacks quickly. It's a perfect tool for taking class or meeting notes in a completely organized way.

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Byword vs. iA Writer vs. Elements: iPad text editor app shootout!

Taking and sharing notes is a vital part of what many users will want to do on their iPad. We've already taken a look at the best handwriting app for iPad, but what about the best typing and text editing notes app? Let's find out!

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