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time warner

Apple reportedly considered buying Time Warner, might still fund original TV content

A new report claims Apple briefly considered putting in a bid to acquire Time Warner in late 2015. Even though those talks didn't work out, the report says Apple is still interested in creating its own TV content.

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Apple rumored to be eyeing potential Time Warner purchase

According to new reports, Apple is keeping a watchful eye on the happenings at Time Warner with a potential purchase in the cards. Unnamed sources believe a handful of companies - including Apple - are keeping tabs on Time Warner for a takeover or to pick up spun off assets.

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Comcast identifies Apple as threat when defending Time Warner merger

Comcast is lobbying hard to get the FCC to approve their desired merger with Time Warner, and they're citing Apple as a threat to their business that would justify such a merger. Today they published a public interest statement to justify the merger to the public (a public that looks with great mistrust on both companies, let alone a combined entity), saying that Apple is exploring "development of an Apple set-top box."

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Time Warner on Apple TV: Bold disruption or hopeless compromise?

Yesterday Bloomberg put out a story discussing a likely deal between Apple and Time Warner. The idea, apparently, is to bring Time Warner cable subscribers the ability to watch content via the Apple TV box in addition to being able to use the traditional cable set top box or iPad and iPhone apps.

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