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Tony Fadell

How Tony Fadell lost a prototype iPhone, made a secret stylus, and other strange tales!

Dave Lee and the BBC provide a look back at the original iPhone from a very Tony Fadell β€” former head of iPod at Apple and Nest at Google β€” perspective.

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Nest co-founder and CEO Tony Fadell departs

Tony Fadell, the co-founder and CEO of Nest, has announced he will be leaving the connected devices company. He will remain as an advisor to its parent company Alphabet.

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Tony Fadell-backed 'Kiss' to share tech brings fast wireless transfers

The godfather of the iPod and creator of the Nest Learning Thermostat wants to get intimate with your phone through a new technology called Kiss. Tony Fadell has backed a startup called Keyssa, a company that is working on a a racy new wireless transfer protocol called Kiss, allowing two phones to touch together to pair and share content. Keyssa's technology would allow users to transfer an HD movie between two devices in just seconds thanks to wireless transfer speeds of 6 Gbps.

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Tony Fadell not the owner of red Mac Pro, gold EarPods after all

Despite what was reported a couple of days ago, it appears that former iPod division VP Tony Fadell did not, in fact, purchase the red Mac Pro or gold EarPods at auction. Yesterday, Fadell corrected the assumption that he had, while not revealing the actual owner out of respect for their privacy, on Twitter.

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Nest CEO and former iPod boss Tony Fadell appears to own one-off red Mac Pro, gold EarPods

A one-off red Mac Pro and solid gold EarPods designed by Apple VP of design Jony Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson were part of a recent Sotheby's auction to raise money for RED, the AIDS charity headed by U2 front man Bono. It can be inferred that the CEO of "smart thermostat" maker Nest (and former Apple VP) Tony Fadell is the buyer of both items, according to two recent Twitter posts by portrait photographer Kevin Abosch.

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Former head of iPod, Tony Fadell, talks about his early days at Apple, his feelings about Scott Forstall, and the future

Tony Fadell, former head of iPod at Apple, recently did an interview about his new product, the Nest thermostat, but also touched on the challenges of bringing the original iPod to market. The interviewer, Leo Kelion, pushed Fadell hard on his feelings about recently ousted senior vice-president of iOS, Scott Forstall](, which whom Fadell is rumored not have gotten along, and about how Apple will fare now, sans-Forstall.

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Apple originally prototyped an iPhone with a keyboard

Tony Fadell, affectionately referred to as the godfather of the iPod for his part in helping Apple bring their landmark MP3 player to market, says that Apple originally tested three different kinds of iPhone prototypes before ultimately deciding on the multitouch marvel we now all know and love. Fadell, speaking on On the Verge, said a hardware keyboard was a serious considerations. Fadell claims he favored the virtual keyboard approach.

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iPhone Nano: Clamshell? Fadell's Revenge? TiPb of the Iceberg

We're coming up on MacWorld awfully quick now (TiPb will be there, natch) and so the rumors are flying. Expectations have been decidedly lower than in years past due to the absence of his Steveness, but there's one persistent rumor that just won't go away: the iPhone Nano.

The universal response to these rumors has pretty much been "Meh." Engadget wants to know what the deal is. Macrumors thinks that it's just case makers riding Apple rumor coattails. Gizmodo doesn't believe either.

The rumor won't die, though, so: what if it were true? What would an iPhone Nano look like?

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