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Consistency, consistency, consistency

When someone starts writing it's not unusual for them to want to creative, to be un-boring, so when they have a character talk, that character "intimates", "whispers", "suggests", "exclaims" and otherwise enjoys every imaginable bit of literary variance the author can throw at them.

More seasoned writers tend to just stick with "said". When a character talks, it's "said", "said", "said". Over an over again. Page after page. Turtleneck after jeans. "Said", "said", "said". It's used so often it just disappears, the mechanics disappear, the author disappears, and all that's left is the character.

Apple's iOS has a pretty consistent user interface. It's not perfect by any stretch, but it's more consistent than its competitors. Occasional page curl in Maps aside, the basic ways you move around the iPhone are the same, Apple app after Apple app. (And anything that's not tends to get hidden away so power users can "discover it" and mainstream users can live their lives never having to be bothers by its existence).

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Apple iPad UI -- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Sebastiaan de With of Cocoia has posted another of his UI roundups, this time focusing on Apple's evolution of the iPhone interface in the form of the brand new iPad.

He notes the expanded icon size of 72x72, and as-yet-unused 64 and 320 versions, along with more "earthy" metaphors, and since he designed the one for Classics, weighs in on the very similar looking iBooks.

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iPhone 2.2: Safari Tweaked, Cut and Paste Freaked?

Wired's blog picked up a story from iPhone Atlas today about a minor MobileSafari browser UI change that sees the (defaults to Google) search box surfaced right on top beside the URL address box (currently it only pops up when the top box is activated to save on vertical real estate). To compensate, the Refresh button gets demoted and tucked inside the refresh box. Not sure about the usability on this change yet...?

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iPhone User Interface Library for Photoshop

Got a hankering to make an spot-on iPhone looking WebApp? Wanna mock-up an App Store application interface of your very own? Thanks to the hyper-generosity of teehan+lax, now you can!

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