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Waiting for iTunes Radio in Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Scandinavia? You may be waiting until early 2014...

When Apple announced iTunes Radio for iOS 7, it was as a US only service, at least at first. Unfortunately, that might not change until 2014 at the earliest, even for countries like Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Scandinavia, which typically enjoy early Apple rollouts. From speaking with people in the music industry over the years, I've continually heard what an utter pain it is getting content licensing deals, especially outside the US, even for Apple. Andy Fixmer and Adam Satariano of Bloomberg point out that even though it may feel slow, it's still faster than many rival services have been able to grow their offerings:

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EE expands 4G LTE to 12 new locations, perfect for that new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c

EE, the UK's largest 4G LTE carrier, has today announced its latest round of expansions that brings superfast mobile data to a further 12 towns and cities across the country.

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Still want an iPhone 5? Here's where to buy one in the UK!

So, you were planning to upgrade to the iPhone 5 until last week when Apple said it would be discontinued. While the iPhone 5c is essentially the same phone inside, we get it; colorful plastic isn't for everyone. The iPhone 5 has that same metal clad exterior as the new iPhone 5s, and for some that's the differentiator. The good news for UK buyers; there are still plenty of places you can pick one up. You might not have long, but if you want one, here's where to go!

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iPhone sales up 50% in the UK, because it's never been more affordable to buy one

During yesterdays Q3 2013 earnings conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the sales of iPhone were up 50% on the same quarter in 2012 for the UK. Whichever way you look at it that's an impressive number. Granted, a year ago folks may have been holding off for the then traditional summer new release, but I don't think that's all there is to it. With three models of iPhone to choose from here, all of which are available with carrier subsidies, it's never been more affordable to get onto an iPhone.

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UK Border Police can take your phone, and everything inside it

What Governments are doing in relation to our phones is a hot topic at the moment, but a new report out of the UK claims that the Border Police can seize your phone and download all the data within it. The procedure can be applied under a domestic anti-terror law, with a blanket power so broad that reasonable suspicion doesn't even need to be established before hand. The report comes by way of UK newspaper The Telegraph:

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EE UK launches double-speed LTE, queen and country hit 40+Mbps

If you're on EE in the UK, you could be seeing a major LTE speed boost coming your way. Alex Dobie of Android Central explains:

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Fines for using the phone behind the wheel set to rise to £100 in the UK

You shouldn't be using a phone while behind the wheel of a car, and in the UK the fine for doing such a thing is set to increase. Currently, getting caught nets you a fine of £60, and the possibility of penalty points on your license. New Government plans are looking to increase the on-the-spot fine up to £100. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph on the matter, President of the AA, Edmund King said:

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EE expands 4G LTE again, total now stands at 74 towns across the country

EE, the UK's only 4G LTE carrier has announced another round of expansions, taking their total coverage up to 74 towns across the country and over 50% population coverage. The latest list sees another 13 towns in various areas of the country supported by 4G LTE.

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Facebook Messenger now offers free voice calls for users in the UK as well as the U.S. and Canada

After launching its free voice calling option for its Facebook Messenger app earlier this year in the United States and Canada, Facebook has has quietly rolled out the same service for its UK users. The new calling feature for UK users is built into the Facebook Messenger app and if one of your contacts is online and capable of receiving a voice call you can now easily make a call.

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Ofcom announces winners of UK 4G spectrum auction, big roll out expected within six months

Ofcom has announced the winners of the UK 4G LTE spectrum auction and it hopes that all winner s will start rolling out LTE in the UK within six months; which is fantastic news for our UK readers. The auction raised around 2.34 billion pounds which is over a billion pound less than it expected. The winners were the expected major networks already present in the UK, namely Vodafone, Everything Everywhere, Hutchison 3G UK, Telefonica, and Vodafone. Niche Spectrum Ventures Ltd which is a subsidiary of BT Group PLC also picked up the smallest share of the spectrum.

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